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well all that is great, but wheres the bloody pix at man! ;)



and congrats man.look like a choice rig.


EDIT: i'm  a picture based reader, too many words before the bit u said about not having any!!  soz

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1 hour ago, cletus said:

I hope you bring it to next OS drag day 

Are these the ones that play doort noises thru the speakers or something like that when giving the jandal?



I got it just before the last drag day, did consider bringing it along. Will very likely bring it to the next one for a hoon.

I'm not sure about the doort noise thing, i'm fairly confident it doesn't use the speakers, but it may have a tube that comes into/aims at the cabin? It doorts pretty darn well over 4g.

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The first thing on the list of tidy ups, was to fix the gash in the left side skirt. I wipped it off, plastic welded it back together, applied a tiny bit of bog, and had it painted. The paint actually came out pretty good, amazingly.




Only a little thang, but makes Larry much less self conscious.

I also did an oil + filter change, nice and easy to do, and I'm glad I get oil cheap, because 10 litres of full synthetic 5w30 ain't cheap. I changed the plugs too, also not cheap, and took awhile, not a ton of room around the side of the engine.

Next I need to fix a door card issue which annoys my OCD.

Thanks for dropping in.

Regards, VG.

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4 hours ago, kyteler said:

Get plugs from rockauto.


I tried to convince my old man to buy one based off your yarns.

I have a few automotive supplies through work, so got the plugs for $22ea as apposed to the $46ea retail price, but yeh must remember to check Rock Auto for that sort of thing.

I can highly recommend a Larry, I like this thing a lot. If he's got the coin, a 2010+ one would be the go, as they have an LSD and slightly softer springs, which might be better on NZs shitty roads.

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