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Sidewaysickness BMW E30 of sideway sickness.


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Being a 1990, in my mind it's not quite old enough for a full build thread. So in other projects it goes.

I've brought a 1990 Bmw 320i for cheap to use as my daily. The last 2 owners are both members on here but a thread hasn't been made for it.

Going through all the receipts, there has been a fair amount of work on this including swapping out the auto for a manual. New clutch at that time too!

I've already managed to fix the heater fan going on full speed only, (resistor pack inside the heater box) which actually has an access panel on the firewall.

Also by cleaning out the switch the passenger window now operates.



Tell me what a fool I am.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So the other Friday I started her up to go to work, and while winding over I heard it miss just once.

This was enough for me to think something was wrong.

It was a cold morning so there was plenty of condensation/gas shit out the zorst,a good 10 min warm up, get in and go.

A couple of Ks down the road and it drops a cylinder and becomes steam powered, cheeching like a champ out the Zorst


Long story short. BHG/Cracked head

Source very cheap engine off a friend in unknown condition and a cracked sump.


Swapped that shit over and she's back in action.


Although.... the replacement engine doesn't fill me with confidence, yes it runs fine but anyone here can tell that it's an engine that hasn't been loved.

Under the rocker cover of the good bad engine (current runner)


Under the rocker cover of the bad good engine (original with BHG)


Go figure huh?

So I think I'll be stripping the original and getting it going again, Hopefully its just the gasket.

You called it Bart, but it's still a much better platform as a daily than a shitty corolla.

On another note I also picked up a diff that will get welded.



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I do like the idea of a rb26 e30.

Know a guy here in dunedin that did a couple rb powered e30's.

Had to machine the front off the crank pulley to clear the radiator but otherwise a straight forward swap.

Also did a simple tube frame in the rear to take a nissan lsd.

My 2 cents worth.

Cool car.

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