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Pete's recycled log splitter.

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Sweet- I'll have a browse about then. I think it would be worth making one for the amount of wood we will have to deal with over the years. Anyway- once its done with, if ever, I can sell it on. Certainly way betterer than hiring one.

We would need it to be road legal/trailered. Just easy enough to move about by hand or make harness for Kevin to tow it.

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Thread dredge, this thing still goes hard for what it is.

I've wanted an elevator/conveyor to work in with this to reduce all the throwing of wood. People often use modified hay elevators but they're pretty hard to find and cost a bit.


Until I found this little gem when I was out looking for old bottles.

Best part, it was free. 



It's quite the engineering masterpiece.




Plans are.

*Make it work.

*Make it tow able with a car or ute.

So how can you help?

I need the back axle out of a small Japanese car to use as a ready made axle for this. It needs wheels and it needs to be cheep.

I also need to find a decent vertical shaft motor, what have you got?


Thanks OS pests. 





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@ValiantHi Pete. It goes like this. Chinese 5.5 hp Honda. Pump is a Hi/Low unit, means quick ram until the load comes on, then gets slower but grunty.  Motor, pump and ram specced as a unit. The v/v is a logsplitter v/v, it latches on in the return stroke while you grab another ring. Where you stand you are in right close to the ram and the v/v. A bit of table on the far side. As photos show, it will split a 450mm round with 1 hit. I grab the far bit, roll it sideways onto the table, the 1/2 on my side gets put on the table to my right. grab the other bit against the guts and roll it 1/8 turn after every split, Wood falls onto the elevator (run off the return hyds, can be removed) The stroke required to ping a bit off is around 200mm as seen. The pump doesnt kick into low for this sort of stuff so a cycle every 2 secs is no sweat. Photo shows where the head is when the average piece splits, barely driven the head depth.  You can see how the Angle iron that the wood is supported against is the secret to the whole thing, allowing the wood to "hinge"on it and ping off. The beam that it sits on is the oil tank, holds 20l. Magnet bung at towball end with filler and sightglass, pump sucks from other end via a screw-on filter. Can be moved with a small 4 wheeler. As can be seen by the last photo, it doesn't want for power, cutting wood in  1/2 across the grain. Cheers to @scooters for doing the pics, Im on dial-up and my cellphone has a steam valve on the side of it coz oldschool.

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