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HKM400's 1969 Lotus 7 Series 3


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To me it doesn't look genuine, but there was so many chops and changes it is hard to be sure. There are a few give aways though, the front suspension being one, if it was genuine then it would look like this:




Also the rear shock mounts aren't right.


This however isn't a problem, the number of home built chassis' out there undoubtedly outnumber the real ones, and they get along quite smartly!

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Yes I agree rookie, Another opinion has been that it was modeled on a real one and self fabricated with some changes from original. The dimensions are almost identical when compared to a genuine series 2 which was recently sold by one of the guys at mcgregor's. Way I see it is same fun for a fraction of the price!

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Go to a place like JA RUSSELS and get decent crimp connectors (nice ones have the heat shrink and glue in them) plus a decent set of ratchet crimp pliers. The crimp tool you have in photos is as good as useless.

I actually saw decent looking ratchet crimp tools at sca For 25 bucks over the weekend.

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