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Wellington Meet - 1st Thur of the month - July 5th @ 7.00


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Yeah the date change sounds good. J'ville food court sounds not so ideal though.

It's loud with high ceilings and full of children shrieking. It gets pretty packed on a Thursday too. It does have McDonald's though which is a bonus.

I'd say give the usual place a heads up that we're changing nights and stay there.

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Thats the one matey potatey.

Map is on the first post - drive into the underground carpark under New World (right next to pizza joint) and you will see us down the backl corner..

Its normally 7pm and casual as till 9 or 9.30 but this time will be 6.30pm and some of us will gap it by 8pm as the South Islanders are coming up for Nats and we need to do the rounds and tuck everyone into their accom afterwards..

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I'll meet them at the ferry and providing there is enough time we will head to the veledrome for a quick blast around the drome.

Sunset is marginally after 6 so will head straight to underground carpark at 6..

We won't hang out in the carpark too long so plan on heading in to feed at 6.30 cos there is plenty to get done on this night.

Afterwards will be time to do some grocery shopping and then if you can lead the crew going to your place, I'll lead the crew to Russells and then the rest on to my place.

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