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Wellington Meet - 1st Thur of the month - July 5th @ 7.00


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Guess I'll be square then..

LOL nah - I'll be there..

Also cos those Aucklanders are getting ahead on us with their epic meats - we need to start discussing some group activities other than our monthly pizza meet. Step up our area game.

Put your thinking caps on guys - need ideas for events that can be done rain or shine and don't take epic amounts of organisation - don't necessarily have to revolve around food either..

Also Beave - have you tried taken your slamwagon out of your drive yet - we discussed this last night and some concern was expressed that you would struggle with the angle of your driveway and mega slam..

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haha yeh it gets out of the garage and up the driveway sweet. obviously not low enough..... will loose a bit of height once new wheels are on so fingers crossed it will scrape somewhere along the way.

also ken for fun activities. can yarn about it tonight, but I think small day trips/afternoon trips could be sweet. ie out to makara and places like that so its a bit of a cruise and park up/yarn/picnic. also could do a trip out to southwards if people are keen.

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What are peoples thoughts on changing April meet to the 2nd Thursday so it coincides with the Nats bound South Island crew - our 20 odd people and 10 odd cars that normally turn up would go well with their 24 people and 10 cars coming.

The first Thursday is the day before Good Friday so folks may be heading off on holiday that day anyway..

Option A: good ol pizza spot - lots of underground car-parking and room - but may take them forever to get out 20-30 pizzas

Option B: Johnsonville mall food court - lots of car-parking and variety but outdoors parking could be shit in the rain plus it'll be late night Thursday so may be chocka

Option C: other ideas?

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