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K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH Discussion

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Is that a BW78?


I have a feeling that the ones out of R31s are slightly narrower than commodore/falcon.  Alot of the torana guys use them.


Sources of ratios....


2.77:1 some Falcons (possibly Fairlanes), I have heard that these may require a different housing
2.92:1 also Ford stuff
3.08:1 standard on VN-VS V6 and V8
3.23:1 VK 1/2 injected six
3.45:1 VL
3.7:1 R31 Skyline manual
3.89:1 R31 Skyline auto - dodgy according to most people, noisy and possibly failure prone
3.91:1 R31 Skyline auto supersedes above
4.11:1 R31 Pintara
(Other vehicles use some of these ratios, these are just the easiest sources)


I also think that Ford/Holden went to the stronger 4 spider 28 spline late in production.  Be careful that VK and VL have different diff offsets (though the total width is the same)

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From GMH torana


Another little secret is that while the VK 1/2 Borg Warner is the same width as VL, it has a different centre offset. This means that a VN short side axle will bolt straight in (may require minor trimming on the end, I've measured it but haven't actually built it yet). End result is a 28 spline (and disc brake) conversion using this housing only requires one axle to be shortened.


You know you want to run 4.11:1

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I am not sure what you mean - the VP LSD diff bolts directly up to the original VH mounts and its just the extra width outside of the mounts that is 40-50mm - so 20-25mm per side plus a different (stronger) rear half of the driveshaft that needs to be sorted.

Are you suggested that

A: buying a correct width LSD diff and welding the factory mounts onto it

or B: finding a factory VB-VK wagon LSD

or C: getting the diff narrowed and axles shortened/resplined

is easier and cheaper than a guard roll and making up an adjustable panhard rod?

I reckon the guard roll and panhard rod is about 400 times easier than any of the other options.

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What part are people not getting???

I have a diff that fits but I need to roll the guards and make an adjustable panhard rod to count for the 20-25mm wider per side...

Getting the driveshaft remodified will be about $250 and 2 weeks so no biggy.

Finding a diff that is VB-VK narrow with an LSD that ALSO bolts into a wagon will take MONTHS and at least $300 or more.

Finding a diff that is VB-VK narrow with an LSD and then having the mounts changed over will be at least a couple weeks and $500 or more.

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That sucks balls about not making it to swapmate but I just wanted to say that this sounds so nice and I think you have done a stellar job!


You feeling better now kk?


Are you guys chasing swapmate seats now or daily lyfe?

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Seen many VL turbo's in NZ?

For that matter - seen many wagon versions of a VL turbo in NZ?

Yeah good luck with that. Wag diffs are different to Sedans in the mounting points.

ah yeh I just read heaps on Australian things and so many guys run VL turbo diffs so I thought they were easy to find or something

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