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Stock needle on the right

Needle I took out of AliExpress cheap as new gn125 carb (which also had that washer under it) on the right


Been running it with the standard needle at its leanest clip, with washer under it (so it equals half way between middle and top position)

Runs at good afr. About 12 from about 1/3rd to wot I guess.

Leans out a little off idle to about there. So it has a lean cruise of 14. Which is ok I suppose. Would like a little richer.





Ali needle is actually a little shorter and richer right the way through. So might try that on its leanest, but I probably want to richen the idle jet a little too


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Custom titanium gn125 race components!

Titanium clutch cable bracket

Titanium cable stay

Drilled out the stay bolt and counter sunk the head. Drilled the inside out of the clutch cable bracket machine screw


Massive 6g off the wire stay over stock, 3g off the bracket, 3g off the bolt, 1g off the screw

Massive weight savings!




Titanium would be overkill, Aluminium bolts would be ok here. But this is free!


Main advantage is they won't rust now



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Additional wombling


Debadged, reflectorectamy and removed helmet lock as my helmet can't lock to it.

Will look fine once I clean the dust from around the badges off.




Additional massive weight savings. All reversible so I won't damage my resale value.

Only down side is now no one will know it's a GN


Aiming for an 11kg loss from stock wet weight of 110kg

Under 100kg and also 10% of original weight is a nice round number for goals. Should be very noticeable on such a small gutless bike too

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so today i found out that this exists

Hyosung XRX RX 125 SM 2012 125cc 4 Stroke Complete Engine Starter Gsx125r  for sale online | eBay

Hyosung made a copy of the dr125 engine (has kick start), but they made a new head for it. DOHC 4 valve, and it will bolt on to a gn125 cylinder.

hard out 

Bike is an RX125

on paper it looks like it puts out 0.9 more horsepower and 1.6 N.m more torque


might keep an eye out for one for messing with the GN purists

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Custom stainless case guard




Dr650s have an issue with the cases breaking as they are magnesium. I was surprised to find out the GN doesnt have magnesium cases, but just aluminium ones. Anyways, rather than put a hole in it I made up a 1.2mm thickness stainless steel guard.

Came in at about 60 grams

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the downside to that is it will look like crap after 1 drop. ive blown out carbon stuff coming into contact with the road before lol


- free

-i had it right now


- gutted the bit of titanium i have left was slightly too small, but i might make a case saver to go between the case and the chain behind the guard

could have carved one from some 12mm hdpe sheet i have too, that would probably be evenbetter as it will slide nicely.



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so current idle jet is a 12.5 and it will idle at an afr of 10.5 no matter where i turn the screw, even turned right in it wont kill the engine.

and then today (after messing with the idle yesterday) it wont start. looks like i killed the plug (new one starts up fine). 

very dumb

i guess the new cam vacuum is different. next and only listed size down is a 10, so gonna try that, or just wind the idle WAY up lol


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