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  1. I highly doubt Rock Auto parts will be compliant despite $20 Silverline pads being ok unless they have brand names sold here. They may have changed things it has been a while since I was replacing quality pads with cheap rubbish because of rules but where you got them was more important than what you got. If that Mitsi has the front calipers with the two plates wedging the pads in I'd swap them for later ones because I hate them and they confuse me.
  2. Have fitted what I guess is a French ducellier distributor from I think a Talbot which is the only one I know that is a direct replacement, don't know what other vehicles had them but I think Landrovers did and late Hillman/Chrysler I assume after Talbot tie up. Not Japanese but still not Lucas.
  3. Ranter

    diesel spam

    Oh I should have done bearings twelve times on that Cruiser haha I've never done bearings because they were needed, just people reading internet and getting them done for piece of mind or preventive maintenance. Also want to see bulletin, some of the high country stuff is running all day but very little mileage and I've never needed to do them either, front end rebuilds every six months though.
  4. Ranter

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    Yep you could chuck an aftermarket one on to double check pressure, the last one I did didn't make the gauge read any better. The one I service with 1,200,000kms takes a while to build pressure after a service, 5-10 seconds of looking underneath for the leak.
  5. Ranter

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    1hz don't usually need the bearings just the turbo ones but yeah just normal ones will be fine.
  6. Yeah aftermarket ecu required for mpi. I would put factory manifold back on (make sure injectors don't leak) fit an tc05 exhaust to the 06 front housing and boost it up until it won't let you go any higher, on mine around 14psi. Then if further modifications are required go to mpi, vr4 pistons and modern turbo.
  7. Will probably need mpi and a modern turbocharger for 200hp. A NZ new 85.5 on Euro spec Starion was the last of them and has 177bhp (132kw) with intercooler and TC06 turbo and a 12 valve version has a claimed 200hp but they're too rare to find or modify, after that twin cam took over. The usual Sigma/Cordia/Starion import engine will have 110kw, redline 6k.
  8. From a Starion which have gauges, probably had a digital dash though but still not a warning light sender they are just a switch. I'd take the gauge and sender unit to a instrument specialist to make them work together or go to Mitsubishi and buy the correct sender for your car or go aftermarket.
  9. I'd be weary of that transmission one as those Mazdas do give trans trouble.
  10. Coolant was excellent and the owner said he had never topped it up, radiator was recored and engine was stripped and cleaned although I had to use old water pump as none were available, everywhere I can see in the system is still clean. No chance of mixing A/F as I buy it per car, an expensive way of doing it but it avoids possible mixing/wrong coolant added.It is a HC Viva. Luckily the leak started the day it needed a WOF because it is vintage car club car and were it to drop one on a rally I quickly get a bad name. Next service I think I'll smash out an easier to remove one just to check how its looking, can't think of anything else I can do.
  11. Just had to replace a frost plug that is only two years old and under 3000 miles because it had rotted out and of course it was between the gearbox and engine. Can someone educate me on why this may have happened? Engine was rebuilt at the time but for some reason I cannot recall now this particular plug wasn't a brass one, maybe availability of that size at the time but I imagine it still shouldn't rot that quick.
  12. I'm not quite sure what you have there, are they hydraulic and you want adjustable ones? Or just more adjustment? If hydraulic to manual you can swap complete rocker arms over, you might want to line bore that on a new engine though. (but you'd get away with it) Not sure about rocker angles and aftermarket cam though.
  13. Sent that this morning. Hope it solves your issue.
  14. Yeah I can do that, pm me an address and I'll get it away today or tomorrow. Pretty sure I can handle postage on this one. Have you tried the Tridon part? Are the American 4G54's using the same part as our engines? (no reason they wouldn't) Also pretty sure diesel Pajeros use the same part and are/were available new from Mitsubishi, I'll check local availability if I get out today.
  15. Are you using a factory guage and sender unit? Or are the sender unit and guage an aftermarket pair? Are you checking at idle? Mitsi's don't do much pressure warm at idle. Can't remember Lancers having a pressure guage but it has been a long time since I had one. I'll could probably remove and send you a Starion 4g63 one but the engine has been sitting for 15 years so who knows if it still works.