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  1. not a stepper motor, did you test on the bench after cleaning it?
  2. is the idle valve a stepper motor on that?
  3. Cracks heads Timing chains fail Diesel pump seal fail overall not bad
  4. I normally cut the old one off, heat new one and drop it on. replace welds if needed,
  5. agreed, tried getting hold of him too, but useless. try http://www.supremescreens.co.nz/ mike is the man
  6. Hey, i've got a Table saw you can borrow, will fit in car.
  7. Mean truck. where'd you get the 5x5 swap for the rear, also the rear disc's?
  8. He's just trying to scare you off, so he can have all the mustangs to himself.
  9. Haven't touched this truck in a while, but have bought a V8 4.8 LS based engine from a Silverado 1500 truck, got excited over the weekend and cut down the loom for the standalone setup, then started making a new fuse box for the truck to upgrade the wiring system. As old wires are no fun to fix. Hopefully will get engine running on a stand before installing.
  10. it has arrived, along with all mine and my mates crap on the back. having a good look over it, still happy with it. good solid truck to own. Turns out it didn't get flagged for any rust! even thou I can see the road under the clutch pedal. Looking forward to working on it over summer.
  11. Landed in Auckland, looks like my new windscreen stayed in! go Duct. Yay also orange sticker, lucky I got new sills in the states
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