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  1. I guess the scu are somewhat less herp-a-derp than the genpop ticket writers/revenue gatherers. (I've had a ticket with two errors on it. Wrong days date, and my DOB was wrong)
  2. That's what I'd like to believe too. But that isnt always the case.
  3. Ling, But a long long time ago my mate rang up a tire shop for a price to do a wheel alignment. Got a price. We dropped it off, and when we picked it up they charged heaps more. Said yeah nah, it took ages. We knocked a bit off cos you're a student. (We were school kids, still in uniform) I mentioned to the old man about it that night. He said, nah fuck those cunts. Went down there the next day and read them the riot act about you cant quote one price and change another, etc etc etc. They gave my mate the difference back in cash. My mate was over the fucking moon. Car still handled like a sack too.....
  4. I'm thinking around a similar date to last year. I've been invited to a function on the 12th of march which I'd love to attend.
  5. The date isnt locked in yet. But we're keen as a bean to to hit it again. Also perhaps depends on what date other events are held. (Wagnats etc)
  6. I wont do either actually. I just surprised me that the new system has such a possibility to not work. I'm not throwing shit at anybody.
  7. And say you were heading into a place with none? Just playing devils advocate......
  8. I heard a story of some diesel 4wd where someone had blown compressed air back into the fuel tank, (to clear the line) and it blew the filter sock off the pickup tube. This then floated around the tank, occasionally covering the pick up tube causing a very annoying intermittent stalling fault.
  9. Shit in the fuel tank intermittently blocking the pick up?
  10. Oooof! Damn they be some mighty fine repair panels there lad! You must have felt like a kid at xmas unboxing those? I would 100% investigate the type of paint they're coated in. Oriental panels come in a paint that is only just good enough to prevent them getting surface rust while in transit.
  11. It only takes a cop who thinks they know more than they do to decide your car is too low. I once had a cop try and peer into my wheel arch to check my springs were captive..........
  12. Especially a car that was mega slammed. This car is too low, im gonna sticker it. But it has cert. *no cell coverage. It's too low, I'm a cop, I know these things. (Like Ian the cop who knew about screamer pipes) it's too low. Have a nice pink sticker...........
  13. Todays stupid question, The new cert tag thingies. Does the constabulary scan them, then get a link to a database to read the info? What happens if you encounter the five-0 in a location where theres no mobile reception? (OOODLES of places like that) what then? Pink sticker first, and ask questions later?
  14. It would take a brave man to swing off the back of that gyro which came last year.
  15. Is that a factory thing? I thought some bogan had relocated mine into the trunk?
  16. As a tyre guy said to.me earlie today, Even shit tyres today have better technology that the tyres are cars had new..........
  17. Nice tidy examples luke that are getting hard to find now. And people want moonbeams for them. I remember the days when you couldnt give away a 120y. Not so any more.
  18. Life hack, If you're selling a car with a mega rusty cooling system, dump a couple of bottles of green food colouring into the cooling system. It goes bright green, and is way cheaper than proper anti freeze............ *I've never done it personally, But a friend to whom I'd suggested it did. He said the buyer bought a "knows all about cars" older person with them. Who commented the coolant looked quite new. Lololololol. /I'll see myself out.
  19. I once put a set of free Bridgestone blizzaks on a Subaru leone wagon ski hack. that thing was incredible. We never needed chains once. But otherwise, Snow tyres belong on the burn pile!
  20. Theres a slim chance. But its probably a bridge too far. We go camping with four other families at show weekend. So I'd have to arrange my dad to tow the caravan to the camp ground and set it up for my family. Then come back and pack it up and tow it away. /a bridge too far really.
  21. Oh bother. That's canterbury anniversary day. 99% chance I'll have a thing that weekend. And permission will be denied.
  22. I dont think theres anyone from wellys anymore? @datlow was kapiti coast. But hes moved further north. @Chunky_t has made noises about driving up.
  23. I've never ridden a bike with a clutch further than 100m. Also dont hold a motorcycle license. So thanks for the kind offer. But I'd be asking for trouble/bad outcomes if I accepted.
  24. I dont even like motorcycles. I only show up for the food!
  25. Man it's both awesome and stink that this is held so far from where I live. The logistics of getting me and a bike there is an expensive chore.
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