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  1. Seems a little bit silly to require cert if the whole thing uses OE parts that could have left the factory in an identical shell and mount on all factory provided bolt holes. Why is that?
  2. Must be a shitload of British stuff from back then with the same dizzy type. Can't be that hard finding a cap less fucked than the one you have. What sort is it?
  3. Rustoleum rattlecans and she'll be right mate. International Harvester red be good for a coon?
  4. Does the trailer work correctly on a different car?
  5. Anyone else remember the forward facing blue roof light when towing rule?
  6. When did high stop lights become compulsory as a retro-fit on old cars? I remember when they were first a thing in NZ in the early '80s all the talk was about how all new cars had to have them.
  7. Can't beat the look of a real unrestored survivor. Seen a few getting around here in the South. Examples that come to mind are a one owner '60 Fairlane 500 with 300,000 miles on the clock and it looked like it, and a '27 Dodge Brothers 4 that was sold new in Balclutha and lives in Milton so still localish and a bit rough so the old geezer just drives it dodgy. Good to see the progress you're making Alex. You're a wizard mate.
  8. Is there any real difference between HB Torana and HB Viva apart from the badges?
  9. After Christmas works better for me too. Might actually be able to make it to an OS event for the first time.
  10. My eldest reckons his twin turbo six cylinder Soarer goes harder than the V8 ones.
  11. Lots of cool OS aircraft in some of those hangars too.
  12. You on the aerodrome Neal? If you see a big blonde guy in a pale goldy coloured Toyota Soarer coupe that'll probably be my son. He's an instructor there.
  13. Many would say what you have done to this car is an act of sacrilege. I am not one of them.
  14. Needs a flame job to go with the matt black mate. Be true perfection.