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  1. How could they be anything else but Millie, Molly, and Mandy? 56mpg. How is this even possible?
  2. I thought similar things. Been looking at 80 and 100 cc scoots on the tard and tempted to push my luck.
  3. Question for those who've done these trips before. What're the odds of getting caught riding on the wrong class of licence when travelling in a large group? Kind of keen to have a go.
  4. Why would you do that if you had the choice to put it somewhere else which it seems Flash does?
  5. Would be funny if it was my old house. What're the odds?
  6. So every traffic cop and wof guy would need to be able to scan the disc? Not particularly helpful for potential buyers of a modified car if they can't scan the disc themselves.
  7. +1 for keeping it original cos it's such an oddball. Not like you don't have plenty of other cars in which to drive fast.
  8. Always liked the look of these things. Good to know the waste oil trick works. My Standard Vanguard got the same treatment in the mid '90s.
  9. Shouldn't the outstanding ruc be the responsibility of the previous owner in that scenario same as outstanding licence fees would be if you had purchased with an expired but not dead or on hold rego?
  10. Calling all knowledgeable electrical persons. I'm looking for a replacement bulb for a stage floodlight. Looks like a seven inch sealed beam headlight but it isn't. It's 240 volt. Coreys in Balclutha have told me that these are extinct because they tried to get some for someone else and couldn't. Do any of you wonderful people know where I might find one please?
  11. I do like that green paint.
  12. Cool historical artefact. Can it do anything useful?
  13. Isn't farm reg distance limited, as in not more than x distance from home base?
  14. igor

    1980 B1600

    How bad is it? Could be a relatively simple fix.
  15. I believe one of my dad's mates has a wood lathe powered by a GMC truck engine.
  16. There's a lot of that been done around here by the previous owner.
  17. Youngest has made a forge/furnace thing to melt beer cans. Forced draught courtesy of his mother's hairdryer. He needs a better crucible. The stainless steel jug wasn't quite up to the task. Check out jetret's experiments on youtube for more.
  18. That's amazing fuel economy. Over 50 mpg at the speed limit. What did they claim to get when new?
  19. If the wof guy cares enough. My Civic and my Wolseley 1300 both got wofs repeatedly with the front lap belt out of a coon fitted in the centre back position.