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  2. What did the bottle cost? Im trying to work out the cheapest way to have gas at the shed, problem is that bunnings in hastings dont do the trade n go bottles, only blackwoods and bay trade but the fuckers are not open on the weekend at all. A G argo shield from boc is $208 plus the rental or a F is $133
  3. Swapped this in today for a new (full) one. Cost $425 incl. Eziswap Gas. G size. Argonshield. For those that were wondering what it cost to refill the large size. I'm usually in and out of that shop when I change a bottle but today I found myself in the new welders section looking at all the new stuff. Gawd! Need to stay outta this thread.
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  5. Hi all, I have a pretty clean low owner mk3 cortina that has had a hard hit in the backside. My repairer has asked for a chassis chart. Would anyone have a ford manual or autodata book with a chassis dimension chart they can post? Any help appreciated. Cheers
  6. Got it down without dropping it or injuring myself! Been a productive weekend. Just need to add some walls and pack some extra sand around the areas im worried about. Then will be good to go to the foundry!
  7. As detailed in a previous post I'm using the original Thames muffler and rear section with a HiAce flange glued to the front of the muffler that attaches to a slightly tweaked HiAce intermediate pipe. The new setup places the muffler closer to the centre of the van and at the time I suspected that I may need to tweak things to gain maximum clearance between the driveshaft and the exhaust. To put things into perspective the muffler sits on the left hand side and the exhaust tip exits on the right hand side of the van just in front of the rear wheel. So as the pipe runs from left to right i
  8. 309/308 stick, for welding together mysteries
  9. Structural stainless frames etc normally mig uses a different gas mix - Stainsheild. And stainless wire. Pipe or dairy etc or anything pretty - tig with argon for the gas.
  10. Cover everything with a rag Then forget to take the rag out
  11. Got a mention on the deboss YT channel which resulted in 5 more subscribers to my youtube channel last night, that's 5 more people primed to be disappointed with the lack of proper content, yay. The mention is mostly surprise that something with such a low level internet presence and no direct link to the vids did so well ha. I am pretty shit at social media, I'm just too old to care. Also I'm in the midst of various chunky changes to the truck, should be sorted by the weekend, I'll post some pics then. Also I made so much boost the intercooler piping blew off,
  12. All assembled. Quite a mission. Not my best work but I'm learning a lot. Total is about 380kg. Now I need to make a pallet and tie it all together well enough so that when it’s tipped over to horizontal it doesn’t shift around.
  13. I found a diagram, it looks like the water return is internal in the block rather than an external pipe like on 3S etc. So the two main external lines are just the heater circuit. However yes there's all sorts of complicated shit going on apart from just a heater! Cams arrived today, and it's bloody exciting - I've never had non standard cams in anything before. Since an Echo is basically a more modern iteration of a Starlet, I shall keep with the established nomenclature and call this a 3/4 race cam. I hope it goes hard for what it is. Not sure if these will work without pinging
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  15. Happily welded the Mercury grille together (ss tubing and ms brackets) with my MIG. In industry it would be about weld performance and contamination issues. Use the right machine, wire, gas etc and it should be no issue. https://www.millerwelds.com/resources/article-library/welding-stainless-steel-tube-and-pipe-maintaining-corrosion-resistance-and-increasing-productivity
  16. @MACKAZ bumped into Daryll yesterday and heard the plan. Will be keen for burgerfuel
  17. Fwiw aluminium can be tig, mig, gas, laser and arc welded too
  18. Depends on the application but it can be welded any way, it's not like aluminium. I thought the same as you until a few years ago too. No idea how I had come to that conclusion though.
  19. Anyone know what the norm is in industry re welding stainless steel. Fuck knows where I have been all my life but I've never had anything to do with the stuff and always thought it had to be TIG welded. Not totally true because when I purchased an old welder years ago, I noticed it came with some arc rods for doing stainless. I put this down to this is what they must have used back in the day' given the welder was from the 1950's. But anyway - yeah TIG. But then I came across a clip on YT showing a guy MIG welding stainless so throwing all of my preconceived views out the window. So question -
  20. And another shot from last week, this one is growing on me and may have to have printed larger.
  21. Hi. lets go back a few steps. I had just received my beam from Sean at kune re. I put a few layers of brunox on it and painted it black. and stashed it away. the next stage was to fill some holes and touch up some rusty peaces and i was waiting on a mate for a hand with this part but i ended up getting a bit impatient and smashing them out with the mig welder and cleaning them up with a grinder cause im clearly not a welder and while i was at it i went over a bunch of my old welding peaces and ground them up and cleaned them up. a few late nights and got the job done. next up i wanted to
  22. I spent 4yr in a chem dept of a major uni. Lots of H&S yarns....
  23. Not sure, but better luck there than the other chem companies I know, there is an old guy (Neal) there who I used to work with. OG chem sales rep was on the road in an hq back in the day. failng that, try an online order at Sigma Aldrich
  24. Have heard yarns of people working in chrome shops having very poor teeth because of the chemicals?
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