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Flash's 66 mustang


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If its rippled to shit from previous hammering I have had excellent results from a shrinking disk too. 


I had to reprofile the bend body line in my doors and it friggan sucked tho as lower half where all the layers are close together

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Yep, the ripples are a real bugger. Just below the inner skin too so I can't even get in from behind to knock them. I'm cursing my decision to pull all the bog out, but I wanted to make sure there was no more rust lurking under there and also the bottom panel definitely had that bloated look that you get when too much bog has been applied. Was also sitting way proud of the same lower panel on the front fender and back quarter panel with all that mud. So having said all of that I'm glad I removed it. It's just dealing with the aftermath now.

I reckon the cross hatch sanding pattern that the video shows is going to be the silver bullet. Never even crossed my mind to try that, so I'm really grateful to you for the suggestion.

Can't wait to give it another go.

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1 hour ago, dabuzz said:

Waaaay better in the wheels department - cant stand those American racing style wheels - literally 90% of mustangs either have those or Cragars, very little imagination in that scene 


Thanks heaps for the feedback. I must admit that I agonised over the wheel decision for quite a while. I definitely wanted to go back to something close to the original diameter, but like you say I didn't want to end up with something common.  One of my favorite cars is an AC Cobra in that dark metallic blue colour with the original Halibrand knock off wheels and I figured the new wheels with the classic unfinished looking centre and a polished lip would hark back to that era. I've got a set of polished aluminium knock off caps on order and can't wait for them to arrive. In my opinion they should complete the look that I am aiming for.

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