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SHIZZL's gravel rash RS

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So the car is booked in for a cage next month. 

Gives me a few weeks to do some honing on the last of its wof before stripping it out. 


Will flick off all the interior bits I don't need

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The more I dig into this car the more odd crap I find. 

I take y pipe is damaged, needs replacing. 

F pipe is broken off. 

1 of the intake manifold bolts wasn't even done up, not even close.. 


So now I need a y pipe, or a way of making a new one but better. 

Have 2 turbos to chuck on instead of the ones that are on it just rule out that crap.. 


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Oh snap... So this just happened. 

Had a look at something yesterday which made me want to change direction from running modern turbo, to OS carb fixing.. 


Throw your guesses below what you think I'm replacing this with... 


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5 minutes ago, UTERUS said:

This thread sucks, do you ever finish anything?

What's the fun in that? 


Only decided last minute to flick the legacy to replace it with something I originally wanted. 

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