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J21's hq wag discussion

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1 hour ago, nzstato said:


Having been there, draining the tanks on these are a bit of a prick...

Was assessing the job today and decided to leave it for another time. Seems to be a bit involved but I should really do it, the fuel pump bowl is some orange/yellow colour :( 

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th700/ 4L60 ex vn vp commy or an 80s camaro fit quite well  , iv got a built th700 behind an ls1 in my HQ sedan all hooked up to the factory column shift using a b&m cable able to  get the full shift travel down to 1st I had to  clearance for larger billet servo housing but not by much,  just chopped up a factory crossmember to suit, running a 3.55 diff sits about 2200rpm  at 100k

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5 hours ago, Kiwibirdman said:

For connecting the TH400 to the column shift use a cable as above. The factory cross over is almost impossible to get and really complicated.

This will have to be the go. I suppose I'll just have to make a bracket to mount the cable to the firewall and get a bracket to suit the TH on the other end, thinking it won't be a hard task all going well. It's all metal and all basic so I should be sweet.

I even have the gas pedal with the kickdown switch to suit so things are moving quickly. 

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Thank you Kumehu!

4 and a half hours of walking through a paddock landed me with a cheap TH400 and converter, which happened to be the only one at the entire swapmeet, 5 Qjet carbs, and some early 327 steel valve covers I had been looking for. Even grabbed 2 new mufflers while I was there.

With the TH400 I'm now able to get my motor on the ground and start getting things together. I'll floor start the motor soon I'm thinking.

I also need to clean up my diff and get that ready to go. Then the only hold-ups ill have will be with throttle cable and shift linkage setup. Other than that I'm hoping the swap can be done in a short amount of time.



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