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Mitch's 91 BMW R80

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I bought my steel for the new rear end before the shutdown thankfully, also managed to borrow a tube bender and started playing around with different looks to see what worked. 
bent up this long flat hoop to begin with but it want working with the look I want.


gave it a little kick up and that back and then made 4 other rear hoops all in different lengths and mounting locations, spent about a day mulling over what to do with it. ended up with this, angle will be a little steeper than in the pic


then today i went and bent up yet another one and decided to pull the trigger and whipped up these side bars. I'm really just waiting on company's to open back up now so I can get my brackets, and undercounted battery box etc cut out and make sure everything will fit before finish welding it up.



that's about where I'm up to now, got a few more tabs to cut off and clean up, currently waiting on a parts order with new bars, indicators, headlight and tail light. also need to pull the motor to fix some oil leaks and paint it up but it looks difficult so trying to put that off for another day.


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I like this a lot.

Totally get the obsessing over the lines. A small change in angle or length can change the entire look of the bike. I've always subscribed to the theory of making big changes. By going big, either way you realise quickly where the limits are...then split the difference between them and its normally bang on.

Keep up the good work.

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got a little bit more done today. 

made some CAD templates.


transferred and put onto steel and smashed a hole in 


and again 



made some cross braces to bolt the seat up to. 


and was left with this subframe kit tonight, gonna weld it all up tomorrow and may start making the seat base too.




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17 hours ago, crash said:

Looks good. At what stage should a bike be certed for frame mods?

yeah technically it should be certified, I think any mods to frame? but I don't think many bike wof men will care, if I need to I will, I see no problem with it passing cert

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On 20/05/2020 at 23:32, xsinclairx said:

Definitely wasn’t expecting yellow! Looks sweet!

Yeah there were afew options but wanting to spice it up a little, with the rest of the biking being black it’s sort of the centre piece, will be less in your face when it has the bmw badge on and some pin striping too. 

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