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Anglia4’s small bikes


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  • 6 months later...

So this nearly survived another Eastcapescapade in November.


The gearbox locked up about 5km short of the finish, so it got loaded on the trailer and I rode bitch on the RGV150 to finish the ride on a bike.

I finally got to pulling it down and found the same issue that I had riding into Gizzy the year before.


The selector retaining screw had wobbled out. You can see all the scratch marks where it had jammed the mechanism.

I put this back in with lots of loctite so hopefully it won't happen again!

I had been getting worried about the engine during the ride, I had convinced myself there was a bearing on the way out, so I whipped the head and barrel off and gave it all a good wriggle, but everything seems to feel nice and tight.

Plenty of oil deposits in there though! I'll be using a better quality oil going forward I think.


I've cleaned all the carbon off everything and have just been waiting on a new set of rings to replace one I bent :(

I'm quite looking forward to getting it nanging around again. Hopefully I'll have it back together tonight!


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  • 1 month later...

It lives!

There were challenges. I hadn't bent a ring, it was the carbon deposits in the ring grooves that were making the rings tight.

That meant the new rings were also tight, so I ordered a whole new piston...

Which arrived and was for a different model of TS100...

In the end I bent one of the old rings in half and used it as a scraper to clean out the ring grooves.


Also on the east cape ride, the muffler fell off at one stage, it had chewed itself to bits to where the spring was loose. So i've fixed that up now.



I took it for a ride to town today.

Fuck its awful. I need to sort out the petrol tank mounts as all the rubber has worn out and the vibration and noise is horrific.

How I've done two east cape rides on this bike, I have no idea.

I'll get it to be fun again soon with a bit more tinkering.


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  • 2 months later...

So by the end of the last east cape ride this had a really horrid vibration, made more horrid by the petrol tank rattling.

Last time I took it out for a ride I had a fairly solid look over it all to work out where more issues might be.

I found the chain was quite loose, the cush drive sloppy, the petrol tank issue and a loose engine mount.  I'm hoping the engine mount might be what was letting the vibrations out.

I got a new tank rubber set from Ali, machined up a thing and set about modifying the mount:




Much better!

Last night I cleaned and tightened the chain, and have whipped the wheel off to inspect the cush drive. Yup that's fucked.


So I need to sort that out, clean the air filter, advance the timing and then start thrashing it to work again, hopefully keeping my will to live intact.

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  • anglia4 changed the title to Anglia4’s small bikes

OK so my small bike experience has started to escalate... so I'm changing this thread to be a catch-all...

First is the GT"50" - Silver Bullet


Then there is the GT50. Its tucked away waiting its turn - hint, its been queue jumped...


The RGV50 Frame is still in the shed. I still haven't quite figured out why I brought it.

And then this happened...


Scrolling the old Facebook buy and sell one night, and up popped this CRM50. It looked rough in the photos but mostly complete, the price was OK, and it was local! So I jumped on it and started messaging.

Then I started getting messages from other oldschoolers asking if I could go and look at an old Honda for them haha. No sorry, its mine!

Its been tucked in the shed for a few months due to lack of time, but with the next east cape ride looming I've decided to start seeing if I can get it sorted.

Seller says "It will run, but pisses fuel out of the carb".

I've had it started, so it does run, which is great!

Last night I pulled the carb out for a look-see. There as definitely been some diddle fingers here...


First thing is the choke plunger is broken and was held together with a hose clamp.


Then I pulled the bowl off to clean and set the float needle.




That doesn't quite look right :scratch:


The float needle is missing.

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  • 5 weeks later...


CRM update.

Manawatu Hondas finest parts man organised me a bunch of parts from Japan to get the carb back together and reinstate the auto oiler. Choice.

I asked around on the bucket bike pages if anyone had a spare choke knob, as these are the same carb as an NSR50, but a 15mm carb is no use to anyone on a race bike, so I knew there would be some hiding in parts bins somewhere. Sure enough I got a whole carb in the mail. Excellent.

I rebuilt my carb like a new one but the bike just wouldn’t run for more than a few seconds. Like a float issue. :(

I stripped and compared both carbs and found that the little posts that retain the float pin were chipped, and the float pin was well, floating. Good one pictured.


So tonight I tossed the spare carb on with my original jets in it and hey presto, second gentle kick and it’s running!


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I’ve still got some carb issues to sort. The hoses are very hard and aren’t sealing so it pisses fuel everywhere and I think it’s sucking air into the oil hose. 

Last night I thought I’d see how much of the road gear was in the box of bits and assembled the front.





I was so stoked it was genuinely all there including most of the original screws. None of the wiring has been cut. The Speedo cable wasn’t lost. It even has the original key that matches for the fuel tank!

I fired it up quickly and it all came to life :)

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