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Vehicle Positioning Jacks?

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41 minutes ago, nzed said:

Not the flat ones, the black curved turds is what i have/had.




Do you still have these? I have had 4 of these for around 9 years now. I remember balking at the cost of them back then. I am sure I paid something like a couple of hundy a pair or something. Maybe that was for all 4 of them, I can't remember. I dunno, but I knew they were expensive at the time. I've always thought they were pretty beefy and robust. I've never had problems with them. I wonder if they have changed the gauge of plate they are using? If you still have yours would you put a pair of verniers over them in order to determine the material thickness they are made from. I will do mine.

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I have the above type, have had my project (Patrol chassis, full suspension, 33s, gearbox, engine, tray, and cab, just no interior/glass/doors) on them for the better part of a year, no worries. Were from Supercheap, bought them second hand but they were still in the boxes when I got them. 

Can measure the thickness tonight if you're curious. 

EDIT: should note it's a 720 body not a Patrol body, fair bit of weight difference there.

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Check out these bad boys!



  • High-End-European-Car-Dolly-Vehicle-Mover-Hydraulic-Positioning-For-Car.jpg_50x50.jpg
  • High-End-European-Car-Dolly-Vehicle-Mover-Hydraulic-Positioning-For-Car.jpg_50x50.jpg
  • High-End-European-Car-Dolly-Vehicle-Mover-Hydraulic-Positioning-For-Car.jpg_50x50.jpg
  • High-End-European-Car-Dolly-Vehicle-Mover-Hydraulic-Positioning-For-Car.jpg_50x50.jpg
  • High-End-European-Car-Dolly-Vehicle-Mover-Hydraulic-Positioning-For-Car.jpg_50x50.jpg
High End European Car Dolly Vehicle Mover Hydraulic Positioning For Car
NZ$ 928.05 / lot (4 pieces)
20% off (50 lots or more)
55 lots available 
Shipping: NZ$ 1,105.03 

lol dreams

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Future Barn Find in the making






GONE for another 20 years

Pro's & cons with both designs (Lifter vs Dolly) from a 1st time user

worked floorlessly (yeah I have good con'crete thanks

jacking up & sliding Dollies into position was about the same effort as jacking up the lifters & both store well under the target vehicle

which moved almost effortless'ly on the castors

if anything the Dolly's : as per design are simpler, only one wheel didn't want to swivel so be came a dragger (found it while I was assembling & thought a the time this might be interesting) something catching in the casting or bearings

Lifters are cool toy just the fact you need to manually 'expand' them past the tire was a chore & the Slide grease was a not-so-pleasant surprise

TL: DR summary?

bought myself a Xmas Pressy's & moved stuff & could have done it with 2x the $75 sets + Jack

no bending or Buckling like @nzed's ones & they look exactly the same (shitty / buckled fold line in the curve looks like the trademark of these)


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Old thread I know, but here is an observation I've been able to make. I said I had a quartet of those black ones pictured above, thought they looked pretty beefy and had no complaints with them. They look near enuff the same as what @JoKer and @nzed were using but I can now say with confidence - they ain't. 

I just purchased a pair of those $91 ones and as I was unpacking them they felt light and not at all like the 4 that were sitting in the shed. These ones look the same at a glance but when put to a tape measure and verniers - are lighter all round. They are pressed from 2.5mm plate as opposed to the earlier ones 3mm and the supporting rod is skinnier on these new ones. I can now see how @nzed fucked his one. Before i put these into service i am going to blaze some reinforcing onto them so that mishap does not happen to me. Just saying.

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