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  1. Id say thats a good clue to your problem. Could be a coil issue as well as breaking down under load is a common ignition fault but also if you are able to fix the timing first it could resolve all your problems or at least the miss may not be as noticeable.
  2. Although shit luck, progress is good. Should go well now.
  3. Timing slightly out? Does it need a bit of peddle to get going?
  4. Takes fricken lifetimes to learn how to roll the drill the same way both sides reliably. I definately prefer split point. But i have found cheaper drill bits cant handle that jandle. Even sutton/evacut arent as good as dormer etc.
  5. Got some more work done recently. Re-aligned the belts and is much better. Got the engine running and oil leak fixed. Went to do some more work on it but wouldnt turn the starter. Diagnosis pointed at the starter but isnt very old. Rechecked everything and confirmed so pulled it. Bench testing showed it works. Couldnt figure it out apart from the post that the key wire mounts too wasnt very tight and could spin if u did it up too tight, so this made me wonder... sure enough. Broken. So got that sorted and refitted. Was sick of seeing it so dirty, hasnt had a wash in like 4 years so actually managed to drive it for the first time in probably that long too. Was only like 10m or so out of the garage lol but still beats trying to push it. Looks like we need new door seals as water went in the tops of 2 doors.. lol never ending. But next its probably time to start assembling the front grill/lights and put bumper up properly.
  6. U gone back up there from down sth?
  7. Whoops posted in the discussion thread not here. There is some stuff missing in this thread between last post and to current but nothing great. Made up some new washers to seal the fittings on carb to stop the leak. Which meant i could then fire it up and run the cam in, which highlighted a couple other problems like a nasty oil leak on the block in a cunty corner from sump block and timing cover. Alt wasnt charging correctly but that turned out to be my field wire on the reg back to front so that was easy. Also had some trouble with it overfuelling really badly, but everything pointed to something not quite right in the carb, ie not a jet or mixture incorrect. Got more wiring of relays for lights/horns and stuff up front done. Then this was roughly a point where it got put into storage when i moved out of auckland and had nowhere for it down here to live as sheds have been too small so said my goodbyes for while.. That brings us closer to current times. Wow nearly another two years had passed. Its been in storage a long time while everything i previously called life changed. Anywho. Have finally got a round to getting this back home and wrote a long list of shit required to consider a wof check... filled half the windscreen! Lol. Anyway got the car emptied as it was chocka full of stuff. Its on bumps up front so need to lift it a bit. This covid19 stuff has given me a bit of time to get started on it again. Something thats really been getting on top of me is this oil leak where the timing cover meets block meet sump. Id tried every other way to try stop the leak without just doing it properly but all id acheived was wasting that time and afair amount of money in the process. I let it get to me. I'd finally got new gaskets and a buttload of black sealant and got too with the strip poo and reassemble. ..... have got most of it back together again. While i was waiting for sealant to dry before putting fluids back in i got onto the carb as its been overfuelling reeeeeeeally badly at idle.. like eye wateringly stingy. Even though this was a brand new item, evidently quickfuel fitted a little valve to protect the powervalve or something but turns out the ball jams and doesn't work properly. They say to remove it and will be all good. Ok so stripped the carb off and pulled the baseplate off to find the lil fucker in question. So have punched it out and got it back together and on. I'm not real happy with the alignment of the alternator belt. So have removed it and all the brackets to find out where its out. Feels good to see some progress with it for a change instead of having a bad attitude for it lol hopefully get it running again over next couple days. Should have a bit more bark too now if ive fixed the overfueling situation.
  8. Whoops posted in wrong thread. Have put it in the project thread not here.
  9. Typically these dont run a sump gasket either... just good poos on there and away ya go. Goood tip is to panel beat the bolt holes flat before you re-seal as they tend to sit high and not allow the pan to sit flat properly agaisnt block...
  10. nzed

    Muffler Tech

    Sorry, meant no offense. Was asking purely from a flow perspective. Restrictions from rolled bends etc etc i forget the formula for it now but yeah. Curious as to the math why it requires such a large diameter.
  11. nzed

    Muffler Tech

    Is it just me or doesnt that sound massive for an NA 1600, 2 5/8" or 3" ? Are you doing mandrel bent or normal rolled bends?
  12. Yes that is cool and makes so much sense. Will have to watch it again, cheers!
  13. I do but in storage a couple hours away. Wont be for a while sorry
  14. Yes do that. If you fuck about too long youll not do anything and get pissed off. Buy some cheapies and make them strong and be done with it.
  15. Not the flat ones, the black curved turds is what i have/had.