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  1. If you have an aftermarket cam, why are you even comparing to the factory? Just set it to what is calls for and be happy. If you dont like a bit of valvetrain noise put the factory cam back in it and clean up after youself with your grannypanties.
  2. Sorry to go off topic valiant, but piazzanoob have u had much experience with these ICE systems on 440s? Would like to chat to u regarding the timing curve details etc if poss. Im a little uncertain where to set mine with the cam in mind. Cheers Shane
  3. Yeah kinda, where are you based? Wish there was a way to contact them.
  4. Is anyone able to find out if a car there has some roofracks still fitted? The website says so but also has disclaimers.... Should be a couple there vt-vz commodore wagons that both are supposed to still have them. Sorta need them a bit urgently, they cheap, 39 bux for the pair but is now a bit of a struggle to get them in time.
  5. Wheel muck is AWESOME. Buy a bottle. Ive bene through fricken litres of it now and not had a wheel not cleaned from it.
  6. Ok that makes perfect sense. Thanks
  7. Know this is silly but whats the point in entering, do you need it to be able to enter into cruises etc or is it just for competitions etc?
  8. Saw your beast on one of the cruise videos on FB nominal. Think it was the one heading into whitianga? Looks so good low n slow
  9. Shuk has shit loads of insertion rubber, dont worry about that.
  10. Hey mate hows this thing goin, any further along?
  11. nzed

    FiTech EFI

    They are getting a huge following over the states. I cant figure it out. Maybe it does sound like a good plan of you arent mechanically minded cos lets face it sometimes it is easy to flood or not start a poorly tuned carb. I supoose thats why edlebrock also sell so many shit crabs too.
  12. I would suggest that if you put an idler up high between the two to get the wrap on crank and again the ps pullet it should work Ok. Guess it depends how good you are with making a strong but slim bracket as it will take alot of load.
  13. Whats the motor you planning on putting it on sorry?
  14. I dont have anythin technical to add than has been already... However my reason for wanting to post was purely to say thank fuck no dick has said to put an edlebrock on it, go way better and never need to tune it again! Argh, i hate those cunts with a passion.
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