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Australia Roll Call


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Hi All, 

Long time listener, long time caller - despite being MIA for a long time.

I have recently moved to Sydney and in doing so, have discovered some fantastic spare time I haven't experienced in over a decade.This has brought with it the opportunity to dip my toe back into the realm of hobbies and naturally, OS.

I know theres a handful of old and new OS people now in OZ but thought this might be a chance to condense that info into one thread.

@Spencer @Hemi @V8Pete @peteretep


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Hey dude. I'm currently in Melbourne but moving back to Brisbane in a few months time, I has no old cars at the moment as Melbourne is expensive and shitty. Sam lives out in suburbia and has some old whips so I have to live through him.

Hemi is living in the land of red dust in WA fixing trucks, I think in like a year he's keen to take a pay cut and move to Brisbane so we can roll around in his C10.

Whats going on for you in Sydney? I lived there for 6 months. Has the many jobs/opportunity due to many large corporations HQ'd there, but its also the most hectic/shitty city life IMO.

I think @Honda Ass Dragger is the only Sydney cat I know of.

What kind of shit car you going to get?

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Sweet man thanks for the run down! 

I am over here thanks to the middy getting a transfer/promotion with her work. Currently up to fuck all but will hopefully be starting work myself in the next couple of weeks. 

Yea Sydney is definitely more hustle and bustle than Brisbane and Melbs. Theres just fucking people every where which is big ball ache when you just want to do basic shit, will take some getting used to for sure.

On the hunt for something, have picked up nothing but a Honda for daily duties/trips out of town. Classics here seem to be going a bit mad so who knows.Maybe something shit and british, cos no one wants them.




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Yup @Spencer I'm still in Sydney

Sydney is good for Work - but expensive as fuck unless you want to live in West or South

NSW is pretty much a Police state now

Old cars are now ridiculous prices and finding something that hasn't been Lebo'fied is getting harder and harder

However the Weather is still amazing, food options are great and there always something on happening




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Its been a while for me, but Im currently living in Melbourne. Nothing too hectic in the car scene, a 1986 Toyota Crown (cruiser), and a 2005 FPV F6 Typhoon(The fast one)

Be keen to catch up with others. I get out and about quite often 

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Also In Melbourne but have nothing hugely fun or cool here

Mrs has a 2019 Corolla as a work car, I normally Daily Ride my Honda Cbr500r

We also have a 2013 MY14 Subaru liberty wagon that is completely stock and only gets used to move the dog around or to pick things up in (really needs a towbar) but is the boring FB25 CVT version. Though its only broken down on me once due to dodgy fuel pump wiring overheating which I am currently awaiting to be recalled.

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Been in Perth for the last 14 years and had my Cyborg for about the same amount of time. There is quite a good little motorsports scene over here with lots of events at the local raceways, driver ed days, cars & coffees etc.

Just sucks that almost every road is straight as an arrow and anything twisty is hours away from the city, ok if you kill deathy highway runs i guess.

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G'day all,  We live just outside of Canberra, heading towards the Snow. I have a '36 Olds truck 1 1/2 ton, that i have removed all the steering, suspension and driveline. It is getting V6 and 700 auto from my sons VT commodore. Just setting u pa L30 front end then a ford/toyota/Mitsi rear end. Just for a fun pickup to get out and about with the wife.


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