64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

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the speedo is out, either it is out or my kombi is reving a hell of a lot due to a small tyre.

its current front & rear tyre are 195-70-14

gps speedo doing 50kph = 56.33kph on the dash.

tyre rolling from one spot to the next spot is 197.0972 the internet tells me by working out pie and all the other shit.

my xero tells me its roughly 11% out 


at this point I've given up with where i was heading and called @flyingbrick 

we have come to terms i need a 205/80 r14 to make it some what read close to the correct speed.

this will make the Circumference 214.6525cm instead of the current  197.0972cm.

my peace of paper in front of me has so many god dam numbers written all over it and I am ready for a Jack Daniels.

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Ohhhh gidday.


On my way home from raglan on Saturday my left hand front wheel bearing decided to start making a lot of sound..... 


So tomorrow is a new month, I'll head out to the vdubshoppe, put a couple of wheel bearings on my account and forget about them till the 20th of November.


Mate was nice enough to get me a bearing packer tool from super cheap for my 30th, so now I've got something to use it on. I'll report back maybe Wednesday once I've done this.


And cause everyone likes pictures here is one of another westie I follow on the Instagram.



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