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64Valiants 1969 low light kombi


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Gave the shed a bit of a clean and a re arrange last night. Make it easier to work on the kombi and have a bit of working space. 




Was able to put heaps of panels for the oval up in the roof and stored the two floor pans under the oval. Got a bunch of extra fiberglass panels I'm going to try pawn off to sluggy. 




So much more room for activities. 


Owned it for a year so thought I'd better get onto now. Xmas is going to roll around pretty fast.


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Had Geophy follow me to drop off a customers kombi after work and then we sat in mine. I then suggested he catch the window as I pop it out. Surprise surprise we found this orange stain under the rubber. A quick wire wheel and scotch and well that's that problem fixed.








Let's see what this weekend and the following weeks bring. 

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I had this engine floating around from my beetle purchases last year some time. i thought lets see if we can put that in and get it running and see what else is needed to be done.

Well wiring needs to be done. Just looked at complete replacement looms. not badly priced.

and ill pull the starter motor out of my bug and swap it into this since i wont be using the bug any time soon.


would be pretty cool to get away in it over Easter weekend just locally but we will see what happens and how things go.

got some 2nd hand break calipers for it as well, they are better than the ones ive got on it.

while i was trying to sell @Hot Dog Flavoured Water some vw parts i asked what size tyre he ran on his buss and went and brought some to see how much slam im going to need to acquire. looks like i need to acquire about 100mm well and truly so i brought some adjusters while i was at the vdub shop. might try swindle @flyingbrick into doing that for me while i have some one elses tig welder here atm. 

that will do for now.

might even give beach hop a miss to get this thing going.

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Well today was successful. 





But glad I was able to fix the rust and weld up a few holes. 


Beth and I said yes to a price on rebuilding a new engine from scratch and put a bunch of money down on that. Which has been good cause I've been selling things here and there and what not. Sold the chrome BRMS that I wanted to keep for my bus but ahh well. Just this week I've sold 2900 in two sets of rims. 


Paul has a new case and everything in Stock so weekend after beach hop we are going to build that. 


Brought a empi short shifter and some pre loved front break calipers so will install that stuff. Also got a new starter motor......

I didn't want to remove the one out of the beetle cause the second I go doing that I'll regret it when I go to do some work on it. Can't go robbing parts of other cars. That's a no no. 

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