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On 2/5/2018 at 22:43, kiwi808 said:

Hmmmm. I’m off to Chch to buy a new double trailer and a 2015 super jet.

It does mean with my new double trailer I’ll be able to bring both Jet Ski’s to our Catlins camping adventure.

But it also means I’ll miss motorcycles this weekend.

when is this Catlins adventure you speak of ?

is a date been sorted , or still waiting for some useless cunt from Timaru to clear a paddock and get facilities set up ?


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Hi! I'm relocating down to Lawrence as part of the conspiracy by Aucklanders to take over the South Island. Except there is no conspiracy just sick of etcetcetcetcetc

Quick question... do I know anyone down that way? Have been on OS for heaps long but been inactive since fb took all my online time  :/

Hope to get out on some mishes with some fellow mad bastards!

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gday maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate

there's a few cats floating about the place. we have regular meets in Central Otago (the best compromise for people in Queenstown, Invers, Dunedin etc) so thats only an hour and a bit drive from Lawrence. We're planning on getting a meet going in the Catlins during March, then there's also toyotafest at Highlands. 

There will also be another meet up before winter kicks in, as most of us go into hibernation/up the hill. hope you can make it along! 

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Didn't some Lions escape from a circus/zoo once and eat a kid in Lawrence? Recall seeing them stuffed in Dunedin museum or somewhere...


[edit] Wiki indicates I may have over-egged the story a little... :)

"In 1978, two lions named Sultan and Sonia escaped from a circus in Lawrence. The circus' tranquiliser guns had accidentally been left behind in another town so they could not be shot with tranqiliser darts. They were eventually shot by police but not before one of them had scratched a seven-year-old boy across the face."


[edit # 2] So there is now a 47 yr old bloke somewhere with a facial scar caused by a lion having a go. Bet no-one believes him when he tells his yarn down the pub...

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Pretty sure the Lawrence lions are still in the Otago Museum.

Lawrence is okay, it just gets really cold in the winter time there, even by Otago standards. If @crazytim is a real Aucklander he might take a while to acclimatize. When you coming down mate? Always keen to meet other members irl.

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