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Beach Hop 2017


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OK, so this is coming up again soon. There was some chat about it at Wagnats, so I'm assuming there are some extra attendees this year.

We'll be there in the Mercury, had to arrange new accommodation again (due to flood damage) so will be hanging out down towards the surf club.

Arriving Wednesday sometime.




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47 minutes ago, 64vauxhall said:

staying with one of my Circle Jerk mates who lives over there. dont even know where hi lives.

cody is staying up the far end of town hes got a batch with a few mates.

where are you going to be located while your at whanga?

I think just around the corner from Wilkinson Park - not 100% sure yet. Definitely in Whangamata central though.

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Need to get motivated this weekend  and give the Valiant a good once over. Seems the nice people at Repco are offering a discount for Beach Hop entrants so might even do an oil change. My wife wife has decided that we really need to win the retro caravan but I am unsure if we could tow it with the Mustang that I am planning on winning.

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