Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

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Wow, that starter gear was a pain in the gooch to get off, diy puller would just bend so I bought some m6 threaded rod to use with my bearing puller. First go pulled a nut straight off the thread but came off with a bang on the second attempt.


But 2 steps forward then 2 steps back.
Turns out the seal is leaky as fuck, all good, I have a replacement ready to go but it's being a real shit to get out.
Any tips? Have been drilling some holes in it and screwing in a wood screw then giving it a yank but not much is happening, it's as bad as doing old fork seals so far.

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I finally got the seal out, my first attempt went a bit shit, I was drilling the seal and screwing in a wood screw to give me something to pull on but the screw kept pulling through with no movement of the seal, then the drill bit snapped so I left it hoping it would fall out by itself. Youtube videos only seem to show removal of cranks seals that were installed 5 mins before and not 35 years ago. I gave it another crack this morning after getting home from work, something about staying up all night really numbs your brain and helps you not to overthink things so 2 mins and a small right angled pick through one of the drilled holes helped me lever it out from behind. Yeah



I need to clean up the seat then can bang the new one in. Once it's in I'll do another vac test and see what the mag side seal is like.


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