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Alex and Hannahs bushblock. Mezzanine build.. now with a 'windows update'

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Fuck man, looking epic.. Can't wait to have one of my shit boxes in there haha. 


Love this portal. 

1 hour ago, yoeddynz said:





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Love the work as usual, especially Kevin's ramp!

Word of warning, the mixer looks suspiciously similar to the budget friendly version we purchased during our reno which I just replaced this week due to a crack in the cold water hose.

We couldn't justify the cost of a fancy one during the build 2 years ago, but the upgrade is definitely worth it in hindsight.

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Cheers Nick.

Good to know about the tap - I'll watch it carefully. The hoses looked fine and no different to the ones we've had in the past from Methvan branded taps we've fitted in jobs. Its only under gravity pressure from the main water take and of which the head is quite low so very little pressure.

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