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  1. We have one of these, good to see another 770 kicking around. Parts are hard to come by but there is a guy down here in canterbury who basically brought up heaps of the NOS when the plants closed down he has a whole shed full of stuff. Ill dig out his number for you.
  2. Hey mate, My partner and I are looking for some flatmates, we are mid to late 20's both working full time (Engineering & Pharmacy) It's a 3 bedroom house in Hoon Hay, large backyard with decent established veggie garden, 1 attention seeking cat, 1 small dog, and some chickens (free eggs) long driveway with a lockable gate for off street parking there is currently 2 spare bedrooms, we are wanting $225 for a couple which includes everything bar food let me know if you're interested Nathan P.s willing to offer discount if you lower the starlet......
  3. Cheers ill have a hunt round see if i can find a mechanical temp gauge to borrow see if its that, hoping its not the head gasket No radiator is the same height, same thing happened with the standard radiator aswell. the standard radiator had a shroud the new one doesnt, but again the problem happened with the other radiator aswell.
  4. Hi guys, Not much has really been happening with this lately got it a fresh WOF the other day and i brought an L28 a while back that im slowly (read extremely slowly) building up, in the mean time i am having cooling issues (again) and im at a loss The problem: The car sits at perfect temp at idle/50km/h (about 1/4 on the gauge) Cruising round at 70-80km/h and it gets to just over 1/2 on the gauge 100km/h its sitting over 3/4 (very close to the H but it has never gone passed that mark) The temp gauge changes very fast i.e stop at at intersection after doing 100km the gauge drops from over 3/4 to below 1/4 in 10 seconds (i timed it) and vice versa when you take of again back up to 100km it heats up to over 3/4 in about 10 seconds. Current set up New alloy radiator (replaced last week to try fix issue) New temperature sensor Solid engine driven fan No thermostat (Put one in but it overheated within 100m of driving it) by passed the heater core as i thought there might have been a blockage. i'm at a loss, i have in the back of my mind that it has to be the head gasket but its odd that it doesn't constantly overheat/no milky oil/loss of power? Tell me its something simple here Nathan
  5. Damm, had exams all week so couldn't organize much in the way of getting up to hamilton to look and purchase, i assumed it would go for alot more than $500...was a little guttard when i found out what it went for . if anyone knows the new owner i would be interested in talking with them maybe sorting them out a quick profit.
  6. Anyone check out lot 74 (1968 Commer Camper) and know its condition and/or who it went to?
  7. I received this snap today.... wasnt you was it haha
  8. Cheers man, yea was pretty stoked when i picked it up. yet to take it on a decent ride so amping for it.
  9. So i brought TMCs C50 Deluxe (still have red one) Past Few weeks i striped it, primered it and painted it. Few minor future additions for it, but its mainly going to be used as the daily commuter.
  10. Yea i was thinking of heading up with the mrs in the Rambler
  11. Have a look in these threads //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/32555-recommend-me-a-welder/page-8?hl=%20recommend%20%20welder //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/37155-recommend-me-a-mig-welder/page-7
  12. Had rims repaired by Elite Wheels they did a good job and wasnt to expensive from memory
  13. Any area your after particularly? i potentially have a room available in Hoon Hay
  14. Finally got to take the old girl on a road trip! No over heating and no other issues! extremely stoked! Discuss Here
  15. Ive said it once and ill say it a million more times! The engine bay in this car is pure porn! keep it us updated!
  16. Yea it is, we have a huge back yard so could put it out the back behind to padlocked gates and 2 other cars blocking said gates but i honestly dont think they are after the car like someone said earlier. most likely the rims etc
  17. I have the address, but wont be doing anything with it for now. i did a drive bay they have a big shed/garage out the back that has alot of different locking mechanisms and its all boarded up with no windows, little dodgy.... Will be definitely getting GPS in the immediate future!
  18. i wouldnt be as concerned but i have had extremely bad luck with cars getting stolen. so im a bit paranoid
  19. So i went to the cop shop this morning...waste of time unfortunately they didn't want to hear about it let alone have it recorded down. ended up convincing them to let me write something down so that they could enter it. i realise the person didnt actually commit any crimes but if thats not dodgy behavior that should at least be followed up with a visit and talk to then i dont know what is....little disappointed to be honest.. Also went to the post office to get address, turns out they dont do that any more?? or did i go to the wrong place
  20. Plate: ARF730 Car: Blue Ford Escape *555 put it out on the police radio said if it gets seen tonight it will get pulled up also going in tomorrow to lay a formal complaint
  21. Took the Gloria out for a drive to a mates tonight and on the way home was followed i was coming home down Milton street and this car was right up my ass so i pull over and let it pass, about 200m up the road the car pulls over and and quickly flicks its lights off, as soon as i pass it chucks its lights back on and tails behind me. i pull over again and it passes, i drive off thinking that was weird but its sorted and drive down a side street and the car appears behind me again i pull over down the side street and he pulls over about 50m behind me. I hope out off the car try read the number plate but couldn't quite make it out, so jump back in the car and pull a u turn. to try get a better view of the plate, as i do this he stomps of the gas and flicks his car around and takes off, end up chasing him through around a heap of side street at high speeds till we lost him, end up pulling out on to Halswell road and there he is again 2 cars behind us, at this point im on the phone to *555 once he sees im on the phone he takes off down a side street... Obviously something dodgy was up so just a reminder to people to keep and eye out and lock up your cars at night! P.s i have the plate and car type (not sure if i should post or not) Edit Plate: ARF730 Car: Blue Ford Escape
  22. Cheers man, im just happy im finding the time to make some progress
  23. If i ever have kidney failure and your a match. you will be the first i call ha
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