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  1. So after a lot of patience waiting for the frame to be painted professionally, I decided to give it a crack. It came out great if I say so myself just need to get the tank and mud guard done when I get access to the paint booth again. Since painting the frame I put everything back together and it started first pop! I finally got my license today so was able to take it for its first 'legal' ride. Other than a few rattles that need attention its sweet. So happy with how it turned out. With still more to do, it will be a nice ongoing project to keep me occupied over the holidays.
  2. Made some progress... The frame and a few other bits got sand blasted at EPC on Leeds Street. They did a pretty good job and wasn't too pricey either. I also painted the engine this week and it turned out better than i expected. Still need to polish the engine covers at some stage. Until the frame gets painted, hopefully this weekend, I cant proceed much further. In the mean time I purchased some heat wrap for the exhaust and some bar end mirrors.
  3. Cheers for that Might just go down the paint route with the engine after giving it a good clean. Heard some good things about the heat proof VHT paint and its not overly pricey either.
  4. Got the engine out over the weekend What would be the best way to polish up the engine as it is full of grime and oxidation? Also, any good sand blasters in the Christchurch area?
  5. Some progress was made today Going to tackle the engine removal this weekend.
  6. Picked the bike up today and it rides great! However, a tune up wouldn't hurt down the track. The bike came with a full service history dating back to when it had just 4000 km on the clock. Here a few photos of the bike. Note I couldn't resist getting stuck in so some photos have the side covers and rear mudguard removed. Over the weekend I plan on removing more pieces in the preparation for repainting the frame and other components to the factory green colour, which I much prefer over the red. Like this, Also going to order some new bars and lights for a cleaner look.
  7. Decided to get a project for the summer. It will also be a bike to learn on, as I currently do not have a motorbike license but have rode a couple bikes years ago. I purchased a seemingly rare Yamaha srv250 which should make a good base for a simple cafe racer build. Thinking of only changing seat, bars, lights and mirrors. Not much else needs doing other than a good tidy up. Overall it is in good condition and mechanically sound. Picking the bike up tomorrow and will post up some photos later.
  8. Have not done a lot since last post. Started to remove some of the front suspension pieces and looks like I will need to upgrade the whole lot. Kind of expected that. I want to do a 5 stud conversion with a nice set of coilovers and bigger brakes. Anyone done those upgrades before? Wanting to get an idea of any alterations required or if it just a "straight bolt in" (if only life was that easy). First serious structural rust found under the fender. (top right corner) Cracked the windscreen... How easily will it be to source a replacement?
  9. I plan on spending a lot of time and money on this car over the next couple of years. Being a uni student time and money are not in my favour. Most of the work will occur over my summer break. That is also when I have a well paying full time job that will cover most of the costs of the build. For the time being I am stripping it down, and organising and researching future plans for it. I have access to a private car workshop with a big spray booth and all the equipment required. The owner of the workshop has been restoring old cars his entire life so I plan on picking his brains a lot during this project. Thanks for all the advice coming through. As a newbie to this it is really helpful.
  10. Found it on one of the facebook buy sell pages. Guess i was the first one that made contact and a bit of luck.
  11. It is dereged atm. how would i go about getting a rust repair cert? I know a panel beater who specializes in body rust repair and restoration. Could i get him to get me a cert?
  12. What are some good mig welder brands?
  13. i have my work cut out! Every time i remove a panel i find more spots of rust. However they are not so bad and should be a simple patch up job. I will post up on the build thread when i start tackling the rust. Need to find a cheap mig welder. What would be a good price for a second hand one??? seen one for $150?
  14. Got lots of plans for this car. However being a student, money issues will make this a long term project. The plans include: Restoring the whole body, repairing rust and giving it a nice fresh paint job. Then going to upgrade the suspension and brakes. Not sure what engine to chuck in... Thinking of staying with a nissan engine so maybe a sr20det or rb25det. Heard somewhere that a rb25det fits in with a few modifications to the engine mounts and oil sump. But its a long way off putting in a new engine. Not going to restore this car to its original look. Want to turn it into a street drift car of sorts. If anyone has any ideas as to what i should do with it just post up in the discussion. Link is below. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49451-hellabroke-1980-280zx-fairlady-discussion/#entry1562469
  15. Build thread link: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49449-hellabroke-1980-280zx-fairlady/?hl=280zx