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  1. I think Andrew Hawkins runs (or ran) a standard pump, but yes, stay off the limiter or you'll end up with multi piece pump gears like I did. I ended up buying a second hand Tomei pump after destroying the N1.
  2. Ordered the cam belt bits and pieces and a water pump, haven't done anything else on it recently.
  3. Amiyama dicked me around for the second time for parts for this, I tried to order the later model oil pickup which after waiting about 2 weeks for it to turn up at their warehouse I find out it's NLA. So it's back to modifying the one I have. They did have the castle nut and o ring in stock though.
  4. Fitted the ARP main studs, I think it's too cold in the garage to measure the clearances so I might have to take it to work to do that. Dicked around a bit with the timing stuff to make sure I've got everything I need either already or on order, it's quite a stupid/complicated setup in my opinion but oh well, if it works it works. Fitted the OEM blanking plug for the right hand balance shaft as well.
  5. Ordered the DOHC oil pickup, was twice the price of the SOHC one but oh well, easier than cutting up and welding the SOHC one to fit. Got the castle nut and the o ring to suit it at the same time. Still need to sort a water pump, timing belt kit, turbo and manifold.
  6. Started having a look and assembling what I've got today so I can get anything else I'm missing. The main cap bolts turned to crap, tried to order them from Amayama and they cancelled the order for some reason, checked with Mitsubishi Christchurch who were 3 times the price, only one in the country and a 40 day lead time on the remainder so I ended up just buying some ARP main studs from NZ Performance last night. There must be a difference between the oil pickups which i didn't realise, the Starion one that I bought just touches on the sump on the inside so I'll either have to modify it slightly or get a DOHC one. I bought a non turbo sump so it doesn't have the oil return port as I'm not sure what turbo I'm going to run just yet. I'm missing what they call the castle plug in the oil pump so I'll have to get one of those. Also the early oil pump that I've got doesn't have the bolt holes for the crank angle sensor, I'll try and figure out another way of mounting it or change to a different one. This spacer replaces the balance shaft belt pulley on the crank. Here's the oil pump dummied up on the block.
  7. Got all the bits that I'd ordered yesterday. New sump, oil pump, flywheel bolts, oil pickup, spark plugs and the VR38 coil.
  8. Ordered a brand new sump, oil pump, spark plugs and a VR38 coil to have a look at for my Z.
  9. Got a flywheel off Zac, ordered new Mitsi main cap and flywheel bolts and a brand new oil pickup.
  10. Got the balance shaft removal bits and some new injector seals.
  11. Got the inlet manifold 90% finished today, still need to finish removing the old fuel rail posts and tidy up the welding a bit more. I've found the turbo that I want in Japan, it's a bit more than I really want to spend but I'll keep an eye on it.
  12. Got the pistons and rods back.
  13. After ordering some more frost plugs last night I found the ones I thought I had today. Have been working on sorting out the rest of the engine parts I'm missing and also the balance shaft removal bits. I'll probably take the head to work tomorrow and drill and tap the holes for the cam angle sensor. Z is now in storage so will bring the Starion home maybe next weekend. I haven't really said much about the car but most of it is in Zac's thread. It's got S13 front suspension and coilovers, I'm not sure if it's got calipers and rotors on the front but I've got some R33 GTS25t stuff if it doesn't, it's got coilovers in the back. It has a hybrid Nissan and Mitsi front crossmember than needs to be finished (for converting to a rack), I will probably end up changing to a Nissan steering column I think. The wheels and tyres are new and haven't been driven on. Being an '86 it's 5 stud and I believe it has a bigger diff than the earlier cars. The paint was done a few years ago but the car hasn't been driven since it was done. I'm going to try and track down a smaller TD06 (like a 17C) for it, either buy or make an exhaust manifold. I've got a later Evo ECU which can be tuned (sort of like a Nistune) which I may or may not run. ~300rwhp should be pretty achievable and hopefully not break the gearbox.
  14. Pistons have been fitted to the rods so I'll pick them up when I get a chance. I painted the block the other day, still need to buy some frost plugs. I've found a place to store my Z so as soon as it's out of the garage I'll bring the Station home and look at what else I need to do to it.
  15. I got this off Zac a few years ago, it's been sitting in storage but I'm getting the bits together so I can assemble it then it'll get sold. I bought some 0.5mm oversize NA (9:1) pistons and bearings from Rockauto. The block was bored by North Canterbury Engine Reconditioners to suit the pistons, he also decked the block and polished the crank for me. I'm converting an Evo 3 head to use the cam and crank trigger setups that some of the other 4G63s ran, I bought new sensors also from Rockauto. I've welded up the injector holes on an Evo 4 inlet manifold so I can use it with the Evo 3 head and have the throttle body facing the correct way. Still need to get lots of other bits, oil pump, sump, turbo and manifold, flywheel and clutch etc etc.