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  1. The steel will still bend I guess? When mine got to that state I airbagged the car
  2. So long as there is clearance to the bump stops and the shackles still have pivot room it should still 'suspend' OK.
  3. For fun I scanned a donut on a new build at the BH using an NFC app on my phone. Came up with a link which worked at the time to show all the photos, but the link did stop working a few hours later.
  4. Currently in Waihi Beach, Whangamata tomorrow.
  5. Rollercoaster of emotions on the glass install! Installing glass sucks btw.
  6. Found some Lister deez barries on a UK canal boat forum. Fuel rack isn't moving in one of the pumps. Will have to spend some money I think.
  7. Any old diesel barry's out there? I picked up this Lister SR2 last year and am trying to get it to run. It's an air cooled all mechanical boat motor. I think the problem I'm having is that the governor / fuel rack isn't moving. Anyone have relevant experience?
  8. Did you buy it then? (what a dreadful colour btw)
  9. I would have thought they would have that stuff behind a secure login...?
  10. Like this? https://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/Vehicles/vehicle-safety-alerts/Product-recall-Bunnings-Trailpro-and-TP1-revocation-questions-and-answers-202003.pdf
  11. Quality Morris engine there, good work!
  12. Funny looking Marina innit?
  13. If you have the time you can harvest good clamps from Pick-a-Part etc.
  14. Just heat the old ones to red hot and let them cool to soften the metal
  15. Two is better than one, right? Bought this 4-door project and had it shipped down from Hamilton. I was really after parts from it, particularly front end sheetmetal and things. Should be the same as the Woodie from the firewall forwards. A bit of a garage shuffle, 2.5 51 Fords. The 4-door has a valid NZ ID and will be for sale again soon, just waiting to get one of the guards back from the panel man.
  16. @JustHarry might be able to sort something out.
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