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  1. There's nothing that fast over here Glen... Well, aside from Turn 1 at Pukekohe. The last corner at Hampton Downs is a long radius, but not super fast, although diff (and sump) baffles would still be beneficial there! Love the thermal imaging Dave. I'm seriously considering getting a CAT phone with built in FLIR for my next phone...
  2. Hey guys, the weather is looking super average for Thursday so we're going to postpone the meet. It's hard to enjoy the beach without sun! We're pushing this back to NEXT THURSDAY November 24th. Tell your friends
  3. You could go straight to Whatawhata and meet us there? Unsure on how much time it will save you. Also, it seems more likely that we'll leave at 6:40-6:45.
  4. Just over a week to go! Who's old cars aren't going?
  5. This is so sweet! Looks like a couple of years of hard work is paying off? It would be great so see this driving around and making our roads more classy.
  6. I've edited the info into the first post and cleaned up the thread. Here's the facebook event for those who want to share it around:
  7. The Wobbly Arse Bandits. Choice.
  8. Gotta hit it in November otherwise we'll clash with Xmas functions. Off to Raglan we go!
  9. Truenotch

    Muffler Tech

    Let's talk about muff. This thread is basically aimed at KPR as he's been playing around with mufflers a lot lately, but I'm keen for everyone's input. I'm about to fit a new muffler to the race car and am looking for something that will sound good - unlike the flowmaster copy that is on there currently. At the moment is sounds cackly/raspy and I'd like to to have a more pure 4cyl tone. My aim isn't quietness, but flow and tone is important. The Flowmaster copy is something like this: So far the only option I've looked at in person is a Coby stainless straight through, fibre packed muffler (full muffler, not just a resonator) that measures 320L x 265W x 140H with an offset inlet and centre exit. It's a similar style to this: Or possibly more like this: Now there are a few key factors that will effect the outcomes: Muffler placement Pipe Size Muffler size? Muffler/baffle style Fluted pipes Resonance chambers Material (steel/stainless/aluminium) etc My current setup has the muffler in the belly of the car - just in front of the diff - with a ~1m stainless pipe out to the back. It'll be 3" inlet and outlet with no other mufflers or resonators. What have people found when using different mufflers in different locations? How does the pipe length before and after the muffler change the sound or effectiveness of the muffler? What type of muffler saps the most horsepower? I've also considered going to a side pipe, but it'll be a challenge to fit a decent muffler if I do. Funnily enough, I've always preferred the sound of the car with no muffler at all (there have been 3 occasions... One was open headers after bellying a ripple strip and losing the whole system on the last lap of a race ). I realise there aren't any definitive answers to this question, so share the results you've found with different cars and arrangements. Any input appreciated and other people's questions are also welcome here. Share away.
  10. Project discussion: //
  11. *****DISCUSSION***** History behind the car: This car was our Family AE86 back in the early 90's and is the first 86 that I remember ever seeing. It was originally a 1984 AE86 GTV with no rust. Completely standard. We had this car (Robin) and a black 280z which we called batman/ the batmobile. So that's where the name comes from. Then one day an Engineer friend of my dads offered big money for it, so we sold it to him, and he turned it into a race car from there. He probably spent $25k with all his own labour back then. It still had a 4age, t50 etc Then it went on to someone else who changed the tunnel and mounted a 3sge in it, leaning over, open quads, cams, link. Specs: Lexan door and boot glass replacement Modified Dash Extended Steering Column Tilton Pedal kit & Remote Brake Bias control. Carbon fibre bonnet Dry Cell Battery roll cage RaceTech Bucket seat Fuel cell ENGINE: Gen 3 3SGE N/A LINK ECU Kelford Cams (L3\L200) 257 IN 231 EX Quad Throttle bodys Big Extractors T series rear end with TRD LSD Ratio =4.8 One set of Axles are hardened (Installed) (2 spare set included) Adjustable coil over shocks all around with front adjustable camber plates. WILLWOOD SUPERLITE II 300 x 32mm front Discs So the plan is to get the car ready for the Manfeild winter series, which starts in june, but I'm aiming for July or August for my first round. All that needs doing it bolt on the flares, check everything and run the engine up on the dyno to make sure everything is so sweet. Now, which colour should the flares be? Red or black? I reckon black.