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  1. Ah shit I've got an eftpos only dog toy and home made chutney stand. Fml
  2. Yeah j5 on a 241 equipped hi lo ct can ride up the side of Trump tower that slip will be sweet
  3. Means century supplied it septe.ber 2020 and repco is too lazy to get their batteries rotated by the century rep regularly. You warranty starts from September unless you keep your receipt and shit i guess
  4. Shit yeah mean broseph. hope that barry farm rig is helpful to ya
  5. @Chunky_t will be living in renwick by then so we can just all roll up half tanked to his place
  6. Is what it is! Hopefully not a dust bowl like half of last year at least haha
  7. Tent was mint last year. Not a drop got inside in the epic rainstorm even. Gisborne tent life was unreal too.
  8. Hey j5, deliboylurker has pulled pin due to self employed life and lack of bike hah can you pull him off list thanks babes
  9. Funnily enough the side lugs on my original sr241 are showing signs of breaking away from the casing bit the centre ones are fine. good tyres tho. Big thanks to Gavin and warren from shinko Nz. like share and subscribe don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications
  10. Going a bit more period correct and aggressive this year for ’shifting the break’ admin style
  11. I pinched a tube changing mine tonight coz I use screwdrivers. Apparently mine isn’t even that bad after a good 3000km, at least 50% gravel. Nice
  12. THats probably the equivalent of 700 dude loads in ya bum jim
  13. That or aids I’ll pee in your butt for science and you can let me know
  14. We only had that shower at the end of day one. I wouldn’t be concerned about a filter behind the leg shield for water if it’s running. I’m also pretty zero fucks about this kind of thing so take my advice with a grain
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