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FirstMate’s (old man’s) 1973 XA Falcon ute discussion thread

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@deankdx plan is to get it back on the road, although is going to be a fair bit of work. Have a couple more posts to follow, but had both a seized brake and a rusted fuel tank - the latter tempered the excitement of getting it running yesterday arvo.

@igor nice spot - has had a fairlane bonnet and grill fitted. Old man is pretty keen on this and will retain.

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One of my favourite Fords. 

My dad had a 73 XA wagon from new, a 200 3-on-the-tree in Cosmic blue metallic, running ROH Drag mags.  The envy of my mates when I was at primary school.

I had a 76 XB ute, 250 3-on-the-tree with LSD and canopy, great tow car and useful camper.

I see your dad's doors have the common dent from the stays not being up to the job, and the wind blowing them too far open. :-(

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