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Eastcapescapade 2021 November 12th, 13th, 14th

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I've done a handful of test rides on mine. I've changed out all the ignition parts converting from points to cdi ignition.

First test ride "hmmm just doesn't quite seem to have as much go as last year"

*advance timing a bit*

second test ride "holy shit this thing is quicker than its ever been"

But the fear of detonation and piston destruction fanging endless km's set in, so I tweaked it back to somewhere between "not as good as it was" and "quicker than its ever been".

If I don't have anything else to fix after this ride I might have to do some experimenting with that advanced timing though...

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How many spare bikes do we need? Jamies gonna be riding the decent* CT, I could waterblast the shit off my farm one and adjust up the brakes, it has a few lighting issues at the moment though. 

The XL185 could probably be available if really required, I think the jetting is still a bit up the cack, and the rear shocks are pogo sticks, but its a nice enough ride.

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