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Kimjon's 50cc (then later ... 150cc and 400cc...then 1000cc) of awesomeness!

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Todays efforts, DIY chain slider made from hard plastic landscaping edging.





I've ordered one from ebay for $19 as honda nz wanted $89 for the same part.

This will last years, so I'll keep the new one as spare when it arrives.

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And exciting news...got rid of that deathtrap from TopmaQ. And brought a decent hoist.

I got a refund, but only after reporting it to worksafe. Honestly don't buy one of those TopmaQ lift platforms like I've posted previously, it's simply an accident waiting to happen. No good will come of it, just you losing a limb or getting crushed to death!!!

This new one is sweet. Very safe, with proper well thought out safety features. It even has 2 safety pins in different locations for extra redundancy, I'm very happy with it.

Oh and its red, so my ocd is satisfied too, my universe is in balance again.

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12 hours ago, xsinclairx said:

What brand is the new one?

Its from Machinery House.

Its still Chinese made, but the fundamental difference is the design of this one is a much better concept.

The action of the new one (Machinery House) works like a scissor lift, where one end is a pin joint, the other is free to move on rollers. The safety pins go into the roller channels, so if it were to fail...there's 2 more than adequately sized pins that block and stop the rollers.


The TopmaQ deathtrap has a guillotine action, and the arm its trying to stop has a huge amount of leverage on it. The "safety" pin has a huge gap between contact points, which creates a massive bending moment in the pin itself.

I ran some calculations and found it woefully inadequate. The force on the TopmaQ safety pin is 6x that of the Machinery House pin, and that's in share force, then there's the huge bending moment acting on it which is the main cause of failure. The Machinery House hoist has negligible bending moment and share force due to superior design.


But I don't need to show the calculus...this picture speaks for itself.

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Got the bike up on the hoist, so nice to work on when up at that level. My son wanted to be lifted up as well, so he joined in on the ride.


I managed to extract this broken bolt. Then broke the new bolt off in the same fucking hole!!! Take 3, and you wouldn't fucking believe it...I snapped the bolt a third time!!! Finally I found a grade 8.8 bolt, retapped the thread size to suit and that worked great. Days like this are just ridiculous, I wanted to push the bike into the sea and leave it there...






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