Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

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On 25/02/2019 at 17:45, Bellicose said:

I've got a mid 80s and a mid 90s DS80 here if you need pics or measurements.

Any chance of getting this done man?

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Added a bigdog dirt scooter to the nang collection today although this one does more of a brap than

a nang.


Im impressed to be honest for my first proper big bike. Has some fancy bits like a Trailtec Vapor Dash thats needs to be mounted so I can see it better plus get the tach working, aftermarket bars and some shiny bits on the engine. 

Came with a pile of spares and dirt rims with brand new tyres which will be handy when I wanna go adv boomer biking 

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Hot dang! I was having a dig through the box of spares that came with WR and theres a couple of camshafts in there, a quick google of the part number on the exhaust cam and the fact it has an auto decomp mechanism thingy on it make me think its a HotCams aftermarket item which is excellent score as fitting that makes starting these things 10000 times easier than having to fuuuu round with the decomp lever. It has a bit of surface rust on it from storage but a soak in some vinegar should clean it up nicely

Along with all the other bits in the parts collection including a factory service manual and some spare front sprockets to change the ratio is making this an even better value for money purchase

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Took the aliexpress rip-off Renthal bar pad off and can now see the dash alot easier.

Fixed the broken tacho wire so thats working again

Rear brake was shithouse but having no fluid in it wasn’t helping, a flush and a bleed now its locking up nicely if you stomp on it.

Just been for my 1st proper ride for about 50ks and man its good fun. Need proper gear and a decent helmet asap plus some ear plugs cause its pretty loud at any speed 

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2 months til Urewera nicotine and nangs so time to try make the TS50 go again.

After doing a bit of research I figured out that I needed a motor from another mono shock model as the gearcase is a different shape to a TF125/DS80. Much barry spec searching found a late model monoshock TS125 was a thing so started looking for one that was cheap enough to take a punt on the engine fitting. Found a $100 "blown up" shitheap on marketplace that @datlow the GC picked up for me and even delivered it from Wellington.

Turns out with some brakekleen in the carb it runs fine, gearbox sounds like a bag of dicks but I put some oil in it and its happier. Piston/rings look fine through the exhaust port

Encouraged that my blown up engine runs pretty good I pulled it out this arvo and offered it up to the TSfiddy engine hole.

Tight fit but still lots of room to add mounts once I somehow hold the engine square and in line with the chain. Stoked to have something thats finally going to fit with minimal work, just make 3 mounts swap stator and coil to get 12v off the engine then sort out some sort of bodged together spanny 




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Been having better look at the ts125 motor

Its missing the oil pump which is annoying because I wanted to run self mix, its the same bolt mounting pattern as most suzuki but ts50 tf125 or ds80 aint the right orientation so im on the hunt for an oil pump that will work.

Carb is chooched but a tf125 one will work fine because that’s what i have spare

Got the stator cover off and swapped on the ts50 factory stator with the ts125 flywheel as its low profile to fit under the cover.

Took the plug out and spun the engine up with a drill to confirm charging system and spark which was a success. 

Waiting for a chain alignment tool to show up then i can look at where the engine is actually going sit

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