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Hamilton Monthly Meet - 2nd to last Thursday of each month

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2 hours ago, Kimjon said:

Link is broken i think? What date?

that was for last months meet and they are a closed event and invite only these days, no one has made one for this month so far that i have seen.

usually would be this thursday been the 2nd to last thursday of the month, but mainly cjc people these days since going to new style of meet by the sounds of it.

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12 hours ago, 64valiant said:

 mainly cjc people these days since going to new style of meet by the sounds of it.

That's only because no-one from OS turns up anyway. Doesn't seem to be a huge desire from OS people regardless of the format, and that's fine. We don't have enough people to run our own, so rely on others (this was the same when they were at burger fuel, OS was the minority of people).The number of people who actually use OS as a means of communication/regularly check on what's happening is so small that organizing an event on here doesn't reach more than 5 people so its of minimal value. If someone wants to step up and organize things then please do. Tank @ CJC has been pushing pretty hard and keeping the flame alive and is more than happy to work with us, but even he has noted that hardly anyone turns up from OS, so again, it kind of fizzles out. Coming into winter as well, its hard to get people excited.

I unofficially took over when Marku went south but that wasn't a conscious effort. To be brutally honest I have minimal desire to get involved in organizing things (so sue me) but will turn up when I can. If someone wants to take charge and push hard then please do. Nothing wrong with people having other priorities in life. 

Peace out.

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oh yeah this was no dig or anything at anyone just a assumption on what was happening with current situations and replying to kims post.

I personally was happy to help with the meets myself and let Marku know when talking to him but he didnt want me doing them anymore and made that pretty clear.

myself with the new born i haven't really been attending as my life has changed a bit and other things come first these days.

I remember when os was doing them at the base it was just 5-7 people around one table at burger fuel, hasn't really been a big number thing from when i started going to the monthly meets myself, but when we opened it up to public and had a regular location and date we seemed to drag more out due to larger interests and different vehicles to gander at.

I'll keep watching for events and locations to see if i can attend them when time is available. 

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Cheers guys, yip same boat. Juggling life, work, kids etc and when the stars align will go to these when I can. I went to a couple of events at burger fuel, but yeah, the struggle is real...

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