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My 1972 Daihatsu Max 360X has now been some 4 years in restoration.


Starting with full brake rebuild then on to fuel tank restoration (sealing the old rust!).

I got it running though very poorly, so decided to leave the engine until last.

I took it to a local mechanic to get it roadworthy - so plenty of small jobs were needed for that.

Biggest obstacle seemed to be the windscreen. They wanted it replaced but eventually accepted it was OK with a re-polish.

The engine needed a total rebuild and took some 18 months of tedious work. Sourcing parts is such a headache from Japan!

Finally little Max is registered (Club) and running on the road. He just may be the only one is captivity still?

Next job is stripping the surface rust and doing a repaint. I  am having a go at that  myself.

Here is a pix of Max as he is today... 




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Hi Bruce, welcome to the discussion section. For onlookers, his build thread is here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/55554-daihatsu-360x/

You asked if there was any Dai 360's running in NZ. Last time I asked a guy on trademe, he said there were 7 registered (licensed to use on the road). I have one, with a build thread here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/36833-h4nds-1974-daihatsu-fellow-max-360/

I know there's one other in Chch, and think there's maybe one more.

I also have a 1978 550cc (big block, lol) on the driveway, awaiting resto. Enjoy that 2T engine note!


PS you may also enjoy the Kei Car general discussion / pics thread here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54024-kei-banter/

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Wow that is amazing number in NZ

I don;t think there are anything like that here in Australia.

I am coming to NZ in September and would love to look up any Dai-hards of the 360cc variety! I wil be in Sth Island and as far north as Christchurch only.


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I saw this one on the road in Palmerston North last year. My parents also had one when I was a kid, same colour and all.

Saw a white one at Manfield (in the carpark, not racing)  a few years ago.

There is also a cowpat green one up in Raetahi, stored in a basement. 


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There is one in kiwi auto spares chch rotting under a tree. It had a big shunt in the side, and it's there as an ornament. They don't even admit they have it, but you could call them and try? It's near here if you can persuade them, I can pick up and post.

It's visible in this pic, but been moved since (zoom in):



Also, being 2 stroke, they're rather sensitive to having good spark, properly set plug gaps (~0.7m ), accurate timing set (to the mark, not advanced) and of course, air leaks.

I had some similar troubles with a carb, due to blockage in the tiny bleed tubes around the butterfly valve. A worn butterfly valve stem will also admit air, leaning out particularly at idle.



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After almost 5 years my Max is now fully restored. The mechanical work was finished a while back but this year I got stuck in to the paintwork/bodywork.

After some poor attempts at doing it myself a mate helped me do it right. Several months later all dints and surface rust etc removed - the body was repainted in the original Daihatsu yellow. Also, we re-painted/finished the bumpers and grill, and even the air cleaner (back to original blue under the bonnet!). The finish looks great and it is now really like a new car. I have put in new grey carpets and a new set of seatbelts in maroon red, as the old ones were well past it.

A final big clean of the insides and it has come up a treat with all those who say Max as the sad and broken little car 5 years back transformed now simply amazed at the difference.

Here he is...



IMG_1342 copy.jpg

IMG_1343 copy.jpg

IMG_1344 copy.jpg

IMG_1345 copy.jpg

IMG_1346 copy.jpg

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On 02/03/2018 at 21:23, sheldon said:

Hi! I'm chasing a set of points for my 360 plus any other ignition related stuff. But most importantly points as mine are mangled. Does anyone have part numbers? I keep hitting dead ends. Thanks guys. 


I have a packet at home, will look up the part number

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