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Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread


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6 minutes ago, Nick Ritchie said:

@smokin'joe fancy having some roosters round for tea and biscuits on the 16th and 17th march?

unsure if i will be down there, as broke and in Timmers at the moment.

if numbers don't get too high, and i can get down, more than welcome to stay/camp at my place....... providing it has rained down there !!!

what camp are you planning to stay at ?

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I got diagnosed with MS last year. We have been leasing our farm and top busy earning to pay for it to enjoy it properly. If my symptoms take a turn for the uncool and I can't work then banks won't get giggity with us so we wanted a place that ticked all our boxes that my Mrs can theoretically pay for on a single wage. Enter the trade me search: 4/5acres, 4 bed house , big fuck off sheds and we discovered our new town.

We visited twice once mid winter (the weekend Milton flooded) and again in December. We have gone unconditional today. My wife and kids are already living in the house with the existing tenant while I undo a lifetime of hordeing tendencies.

Anyway that's the lot... we have gotten sick of Crazy Auckland busy roads and stupid property prices and opted for the complete opposite. We really like the little town... reckon it could use a boost tourism wise somerhing to make the buses stop for more than  the public toilets and a ice cream but other than that love the sleepy vibe and lack of big name places like McDonald's etc... it's real NZ. Hopefully we don't grow to regret the decision but with limited funds for deposit etc there wasn't much else within reach.

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13 hours ago, Nick Ritchie said:

sounds like a no brainer to me as well. awesome stuff! perhaps we can organise a gold panning session down in the gully!

I'm buying me a metal detector and checking my paddocks :P

Keen for everything and anything tbh... not going to know a soul and will be completely lost geographically speaking for a while too so everything will be new and interesting.

Cheers fellas loom forward to putting names to faces.

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1 hour ago, Toddy415 said:

So whos going to toyota fest? Seems like they are doing even less advertising then last year which was stuff all. No registration info up yet ans its not even that far away

Me. Apparently some Chch boys (and girls) might be coming. Edwardo is coming down from auckland in his MR2 and is staying at my house.

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