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Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread


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3 hours ago, kiwi808 said:


Just got to do 4 laps (riding shotgun) in this bad boy around Highlands. Holly Molly it was fast. Bit of a contrast from the little red Mazda from yesterday hahahaha.

Great fun that I got to do the same a few years back highly reccomend it these things have insane grip.

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Top Posters In This Topic

so a couply/all of us at the meat expressed interest in meeting up in invers for the burt munro, Feb 8-11. there's events on from the Thursdee but the ones to watch are the beach race fridee night, teretonga satdee and the street race sundee. @kyteler has kindly offered his abode for lodging, granted there's enough space for those interested. 

my plan is to hiss down on my SR250 provided i can get it legal and to run less shit prior, so would be cool to meet up with the rest of you jokers there. loads of rad bikes old and new going hunnitz

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