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gettinroundtuits 1980 ford escort


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In here you all can crucify or praise me for my choice of such a pedestrian form of transport.

2 of my kids love it, no. 3 has a diseased bias towards GMH :doubt:. Apparently there's no cure for that.


Slept on it last night, i'll keep it for a while but the search is on for an avenger wagon, showing my bias now. 

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Thanks, but shes all show & not much go. When i got her i reckon a morry thou seriously could out run her, ( still own the remains of my 1st car- morry thou so i know what they can go like) took out slack in throttle cable- wee bit faster & now will get past 100 kph has better kick down too.


Off to Transcare next week for auto to get checked out, hardly been anywhere with her yet as performance had been so hopeless i'd be holding up tractors trying to get up any hill


Might take her out tomorrow down my back road 'race track' so i can assess any improvement later, some good hills to challenge her, & theres an escort carcass i've gotta check out.

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Wound her out on the test track, not as hopeless as i thought she might be, a wee bit of adjusting has sorted most of it.

1st decent drive since i got her.


Things to do..... sound deadening!, bit noisy & theres nothing under the carpet.

                          lose the silly chrome mirrors, got something in mind finding them will be a mission

                          check her for squareness, right side wheelbase shorter than left, bout 8mm?

                          new tail lights- these leak

                          fix rust in RH c pillar little bit pushing through


                          & stop looking at trade me for random stuff i DONT need for it  

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Escorts quieter now, autos are awesome.............. NOT, escorts ok, not intended as an everyday hack, just had a reminder what a hassle they are to retrieve when they cease to work.


No1 daughter's deep fried the auto toyota wagon i got so i wouldn't need to use escort or avenger so much. She has some mechanical skills but NO sympathy.


Shit happens- as she pointed out, if it was avenger she cooked, let it cool top up & carry on- it's been cooked 3 times- once by her at kfc drive through,

& she wants let loose in escort???!!!


Cant check out the dead escort til lambings done @ mid late sept, good excuse to go fishing there when season starts in october

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