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Reverse switch fouls starter solenoid - thoughts?


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Got a new starter that is supposed to be ok for rx2/3/4. Unfortunately the solenoid is on the opposite side to the old starter and fouls the reverse switch. RX5 TQX gear box, rx4 bellhousing. Other than this it seems to fit ok.


Anyway i cant return the starter (not worth the shipping to the US), so does anyone have any ideas on a work around? I do have a bit of clearance maybe 10mm if there was some kind of low profile switch it could maybe fit. The factory one is pretty bulky.





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From memory the Starter solenoid is on the other side of the starter motor on a Left Hook also on the ones with ADR stuff on . I remember that from when I worked at Mazda NZ.

If you are talking about the reverse switch on  a gearbox use a magnetic reed switch  they are fairly small  or move it so the lever  position makes it work

Easy peasy

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Good point! Failed to consider LHD haha. I will google magnetic reed switch and learn myself up. Or your other idea and mount it so stick pushes it could be a go, may be a bit more tricky/unreliable with wobbly stick to wobbly switch?  I got you now, stick to trigger reed switch

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By the way, because someone mentioned it

If your vehicle has reverse lights fitted, then they have to work for a wof.


Before people read the above post and start thinking that they dont they dont need them lol


Mirco switches are where its at.

Not actually true mate.

Reverse lamps are a weird beast that don't fit into the "If it's there it has to work" part of the VIRM.

As proof that they're not of concern for a WoF, please find below the note marked two from the VIRM.

Note 2

A reversing lamp that does not comply with equipment, condition and performance requirements must be made to comply or be disabled so that it does not emit a light.

You can fail on reverse lamps but it's if they're broken and letting unrefracted light out or if they are operating outside of their design purpose, ie. they're on when they're not supposed to be. If they don't work, they don't work and it doesn't actually matter.

I have been through this with my 110 (when it was still on the road), after I converted to 5spd I said to my friendly WoF man that I hadn't got around to sorting the wiring out and he told me to not worry as they're not a legal requirement to function. Told him I was doing it anyway as it's good to see at night and for others to see that you're reversing.

So. Yeah.

Have fun with that.

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