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  1. Awww.... you make a few Allegros and Morris Marinas and you're tarred with the shit brush forever Hahahaha!
  2. Wonder what it'd look like with the tops of the doors/window frames done in black instead of white. The white/white makes the b-pillar look pretty large. Or even red....... just not white (visual weight n all) Photoshop if you post up a photo from the side? P.S: Love it and the plans.
  3. That sort of thing? A picture would be neat, you could pull yours out and probably machine off a good chunk of it and put the terminals out the side instead of the top.
  4. Good on you for asking This may seem normal to some, but id have a hard time asking for a hand if I were on fire. Getting help always seems harder than doing it yourself, that now includes buying things. Haha. Best of luck chappos!
  5. This is awesome. I am happy for you!
  6. Wire it to the "on/run" circuit through a relay. We shouldn't leave our vehicles off when "on/run" so that should sort it I guess if you left em on then did a nice rich start that'd shock em a bit.
  7. From a datsun 1200 website.... I thought they were non-crossflow, but I digress from digressing. Looks cool......... but that's a lot of compressed fuel/air mixture!!!!!!! I'd put in a blowUP valve in there. There is/was a chap in Waitoa, Waikato who had a flat track something maybe a Fiat, pretty sure it was a Fiat 4 cylinder. It was supercharged draw though that looked very built for purpose. His nickname was Nigger Crusher, though I'm not sure anyone actually called him that. They were different times the 90's. Wonder how much of a bastard a flame arrestor would be.... in conjunction with the blowUP valve. Happy tinkering.
  8. I'm sorry about the notifications. I may have LIKED ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!! I admire your bitumen underseal scraping supremacy.
  9. Suppose it's not too far OT. Specific heat is the amount of heat energy require to raise the temperature of a mass by 1C. I was just kind of trying to illustrate, in a round about way, that it's not the temperature so much as the amount of heat energy being created. If it was just down to temperature then everything would melt as soon as the sparkplug went off At cruise you're not creating large amounts of heat energy because you don't need to, as you are cruising. If you went WOT at the same AFR then you're creating a lot of heat energy @ a high temp (which means it transfers into the mass faster due to temp gradient) beyond the ability of the coolant system to transfer the heat away. So both power (see above graphs) and temperature is why AFRs get lower under increased load. A car may like 14.7 at cruise due to gearing/spark/head design/octane/induction/air density/million things more than a leaner burn. Probably not so much modern engines with their targeted afr design parameters and their precious metal mine in the exhaust I'm pretty sure you know all this and it was just my obscure way of putting things
  10. Both hands on the wheel please driver
  11. Think more specific heat instead of temperature Rookie. That probably hasn't helped. I found this was a nice summary when I first started looking at such things. http://www.endtuning.com/afr/ And http://boostsource.com/?p=148
  12. Black Jesus approves of this thread. (White Jesus probably does too)
  13. Must say, with a good set of brakes braking actually gets pretty fun. Though, it's pretty fun with rubbish ones too! haha. J-hook because clever but no real need unless wanting to win races.
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