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Transoms 1989 dirty dirty little Mazda MX5


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Now I know for sure the dizzy won't fit it's gonna be full standalone

Later model 626 has 36-1 trigger wheel front pulley

Get to ditch the maf too and just run crank trigger tps and map sensor

Spent half the day marking drilling and cutting excess off the 12mm steel adaptor plate the local engineers roughcut for me cheap

4kg untrimmed prob get it down to 2kg by the time it's finished

Lost so much weight off the car by removing AC and power steer

Steel worked out cheaper easier and stronger for the threads I need to tap into it

Crap photos of progress sometime soon

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Much cutting grinding hacksawing grinding and drilling and tapping later




12mm holes thru to block need countersunk for flat countersunk allen screws - one main bolt shown goes right thru bellhousing to block - that and the input shaft into spigot what i have lined it all up on


Threads tapped 10mm for bellhousing to adaptor bolts - still needs more trimmed off this side - hole visible was a tester for drill and tap sizing









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Eyeometry and sheer luck mostly

Motor sitting on it's nose so no load any direction

Rx7 bell is shorter than mx5 so the input shaft pokes out about 12mm

Already knew one bolt hole lined up to the motor from yoeddys viva build

So drop box onto adaptor and into spigot drop bolt in - wiggle the box so there is no side loading - check input shaft turns freely

Clamp down mark and drill other bell housing bolt holes

Adaptor plate sits over motor dowels

Have a couple of blind holes in bell so I will add dowels to adaptor too

Backwoods bastard bodging really but workin with what I have access to here in the Styx

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Slow progress

Picked up another v6 cheap for bits looks clean has plenty of parts for spares as i experiment with bodging

Visited Alex and Hannah and looked at their awesome shed and mighty v6 viva for inspiration


Countersunk the holes for adaptor to engine bolts csk allen screws in m12x1.5 are not cheap

Shoulda not drilled the 2 bottom holes so much and tapped them for for stock bolts thru from the front woulda saved $

Cheap tardme countersink bits were great cut mild steel so clean and easy






cut a slice off the starter motor mounting to get it to match up to flywheel - dont grind alloy at home kids its dangerous


ended up being a nogo on using rx7 starter - pinion way too small to match up so its steel plate for here and use the v6 starter

even bought a new rx7 starter too keen ... 1 step forward 2 steps back




started looking at hose routing lost most of the ugly mass of hoses off the v6

lower rad hose routes to rear of block in the valley

flipped the thermostat housing to route heater hoses towards car heater and lower rad hose to drivers side where mx5 rad inlet is

removed a big ugly hose tee and blocked it with a frost plug







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More slow slow progress


Trimmed the adaptor plate down to final size (2.5kg) and painted it to stop rust and pretend its alloy



Started making the starter motor plate






Chopped up a sump to start on making one of those to fit

Manual steering rack arrived and gasket set and 36-1 crank pulley on their way cheap via Amazon and Youshop

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Got inlet manifolds back from local alloy wizards

Machined the manifolds short as possible and flat

Sized alloy tubing to squash to oval to match the inlet ports

Squashed cut welded

Needs just a bit of trim to level up the top ends and  dremel porting to smooth it in for flow





And this shows how much room i dont have to make an airbox ...



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Yeah that aint a lot of room. The idea I had for what I was thinking of making for you was a tapered plenum, sloping down towards the front and then have a 90 degree bend into the back from the TB.


But I'm still full on building a food cart plus making a custom refridgerated display unit.  Luckily looks like you are sorted now :-)

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Getting there...

Just sorting linkages and the alloy braces between bodies today

I have jigsawed a curve in my wooden bonnet guide now so a little more room

Thinkin just an alloy box for air intake with two hoses running to pods behind each headlight for cold air feed

Can get lower without those rubber BMW joiners on top too

Very tight clearance between the back itbs and the throttle arms

And the whole v6 everything is staggered is interesting to work around

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Yep seen that almost bought a jag/aj/ford Mazda v6 before I scored the cronos

Most seem to think the kl is the better engine but they do build the noble sports cars with those mondeo v6s

Updates yeah well been working long hours 6 days a week

Scored some new wheels and some new adjustie spensions so that has eaten into build funds

Engine mounts are half done want to finalise the sump/oil pickup for clearance before I finish the mounts

Having the engine sitting in the car and a spare engine on the stand is making it easier to do wee bits and pieces

Throttle links and water and oil plumbing slowly getting sorted as Alislowexpress bits arrive

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