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Transoms 1989 dirty dirty little Mazda MX5


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so this just passed the 1 year in the shed mark

and i have been plugging away at small things trying to make sure it all fits

made a cut down sump using the bowl of another sump ... it was ugly welding and looked too small on capacity and leaked like a sieve





so i made mk II version deeper and with new 2mm steel much easier to deal with made 1 flat plate right thru at cut line and then made the cutout and bowl for ford v8 pickup





very minor weeps on testing and i just hit it with the full POR tank sealer system to sort that out

oil filter remote and oil cooler mounted and plumbing mocked up

lots of little bits to sort so they dont try to occupy the same space under the bonnet

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Wiring nightmares ... 

removed everything I didn't need and maybe too much 


Mazda seemed to make every part of the harness run thru every part of the car and back again ... all I have working at the moment is headlights indicators and heater fan ... popup headlights no go no tail or park lights 

very tempted to just remove everything completely and just keep the tail loom and start from scratch with a universal fuse/relay box 

bright spark ideas anyone ? 

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Progress report ... still avoiding wiring ...

scored some better carpet and installed a set of PRD frame rail braces while the interior is gutted to cover my bashed in frame rails

and installed some Chynamatt sound and heat insulation 

no rust in the floor was a bonus 



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Long overdue update now with added shed hoist and coronavirus 

bought a new mig and spoolgun and attacked welding a new mount for starter onto bellhoising - seemed to work ok used 10mm alloy plate and there are 2 bolts that capture it right thru to the block - no photos but it looks factory - starter mounted and engagement checked many times 

threw motor and box back in again - love this put engine on crane and then just lift car on hoist under it 

got very bored during lockdown even working some days 

so small steps one wire at a time - made a big fat new earth wire for battery - and better terminal on positive lead and reattached lead along the pppf frame to the starter 

new wire from starter positive to alternator output and new wire from there off to start of new fuse box 

clipped a wire onto starter solenoid filled engine with oil and removed spark plugs that were sitting in loose and turned it over with socket on the crank pulley for a bit 

touch starter wire to positive fuse terminal and we have turnover yay 

was not sure if I was gonna have to prime oil pump after sitting so long with no sump on and being upside down and stood on its nose quite a bit but had a gusher from my oil filter adaptor right away 

stopped attached hose for filter and oil cooler then turned it over till solid oil out of the return hose then reattached that 

if I can make and fit 1 wire per day it’s progress 

Blah blah wall of text - photos 




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Other stuff I have done then forgotten about 

removed the stupid cooling hose that runs from front of the heads to the back between the V to the thermostat 

bought a Davies Craig electric pump and gutted the water pump to feed inlet water in thru there and return back thru the stock water outlet at front of heads - ecu will have control of pump 

got main throttle cable sorted and mounted and double return springs bought 

runs a crossover cable between the two banks of throttle bodies - will I need 2 sets of double springs ??? ( each ITB has its own spring on butterfly also) 

Stuff on the list to cross off ...

wiring .... ecu and get the motor running first then body wiring 

fit rx7 Flexi clutch hose and bleed / check clutch engagement 

refit rear brake lines and bleed - has all new pads rotors in the bigger nb size 

fit new polybushes front and paint front arms 

Refit dash and seats and centre console delete 

test hoon round section in ever increasing laps 

go for a bigger test hoon and see about an alignment and fail a warrant 

find somewhere for cert as closest was Nelson /mot but no longer cert guys there which is gonna be a pain - build trailer may be an option 

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4 hours ago, ~Slideways~ said:

Man this is so cool, the engine fits in there so nicely. It'll sound awesome with those ITB and the already cool K exhaust note.

ps...wanna trace the adapter? haha

If I have to take the gearbox off again I will do a trace of adaptor -but if I was doing this again I would follow the path Hurmeez on here went and go six Spd rx8 Aisin gearbox and flywheel adapter onto rx flywheel and clutch - just looks so much easier and cleaner and then runs stock parts for clutch and starter 

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Bought a new Link Atom G4X ecu and loom and been studying up on link forum and HPa academy 

 Bought decent crimpers and new terminals and connectors 

found a Toyota coil on plug that fits the engine ( Yaris coils are too fat) and made some mounts to hold them down and wired ignition loom 


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