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Sidewaysickness BMW E30 of sideway sickness.


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Hay man.

It depends o .The gearbox you are planning on using as to what mounts will work. I was planning on looking up that wiki to see about the mounts. As I'm using the e36 getrag and the m52 they will line up and I will prob use the e36 mounts in the e21.

If you are planing on using your getrag 260 from the e30 it will change the angle of the motor or you will need to modify your shifter to suit the new motor. The m20 and the m5# run on different angles so if keeping the 260 straight you will also have to MOD the sump or you will only get 75mm ish ground clearance.

It could be cheaper to sell your 260 and find a 220 that the m50 would have had factory.

I had two sets of mounts up until Sunday when I dropped my m50 off to the guy I sold it to. He did not even know he was getting them so you could of had them.

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To be fair this car started life as a auto and I have no idea what getrag I have in there.

You will have a Getrag 260, most likely a 260/5. Easy way to tell is the on the side on the gearbox near the clutch slave cylinder is a code that tells you. It should have a sheet metal type shifter. Jib05 on here has done a M50 swap with Getrag 260 in his E30, might be worth talking to him about what exactly you need to do.

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I have a suspicion it might be a getrag 240 considering that's what the factory manual 320's came with.

I was also under the impression that with e36 arms you just need a new g/box crossmember that offsets the g/boxes angle to suit the m50s angle.

Anyway keep it up will probably have a ton of questions if I ever end up doing a 24v on my e30, cheers.

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It's been a very interesting 4 day weekend. Definitely been challenging!

Within 2 hours a friend and I had removed the dirty old tappy M20b20.



I then machined the back of the flywheel to clear the M50 sump, losing a kg of flywheel weight in the process.


And then attached a fb special Luk 2000lb 6 puk clutch, new spigot bearing and throw out bearing


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Next for the engine was attach E36 engine arms, new oil filter and test thermostat,

Seal up leak in the oil dipstick tube and slap the gearbox on.


Then it was time to slip it in.

This took a few tries before everything was in and connected and without interference.

Final result was one M20 engine rubber and one E34 engine rubber to lean the engine over a little for brake booster clearance and one replaced power steering line after it was crushed by the sump.

Hooked up all the heater hoses, connected up the e34 throttle cable, fuel lines, m20 fan and radiator.

A quick trip to supercheap and I had a pair of suitable radiator hoses (both ford units)

So it's currently looking more like this


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