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Daves new school holden shambles


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10 hours ago, Roman said:

What did that rev to? Being able to rev the piss out of something can make a decent difference haha

Over the red line on tach so 6500rpm maybe a little more. 

One thing that just popped into my head is the car has massive wheels with sticky tyres if I built a small angry engine I'd probably snap cranks if it wasn't auto. 


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I've found on proper drag tyres everything feels considerably less abusive on drive train! Wheel hop is the #1 killer I reckon. Big shock loads over and over. Don't get that so bad on squishy drag tyres

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Decided to do its fortnightly start and zip around the block, found if I stab the gas it pushes the crank forward and stalls instantly now FFS. however the engine sounds healthy as no rattles zero blowby it doesn't use a drop of oil..

Realistically a set of bearings and would likely be healthy again.

Do I just pull engine slap new stock bearings in fresh head gaskets and turbo it ? 

Regardless I'll get the new fuel system in get it a wof then I can use it again find some love for it and motivation again.

K24 might be down track but at least this option would get it going strong fairly easily 

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Engine stand purchased last night, going to gut the L67 3.8v6 its lower k's than current engine will try find some second hand forged pistons and fit to the L67 rods and budget build a stronger engine. If no pistons can be found I'll just run stock ecotec stuff. 

Goin to build manifolds etc on gutted engine for ease then transfer it into car after i do bearings or find a healthy bottom end.

Fuck it, it's worth a try ecotecs aren't exactly worth much. Making the stock ecu run it might be a challenge but im not springing for a stand alone ecu yet.

My Uncle built this buick weapon a few years back 4.2 stroker with twin throttle body's. Made 300+ horsepower broke expensive gearboxes so he'll be a good collaboration on how to ruin a $600 car.


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This feels like progress engine is on a stand heads are just sitting on dowels intake is just keeping dust out.

Spent 90 minutes trying to get sump plug out some cunt had ugga dugga'd it in no tool I own could shift it so welded a bolt to it and beat it loose with a hammer.

I want the sump off so I can weld a -8 drain fitting in for the turbo on to it.

Will hollow engine out as a dummy block for building manifolds Using car for measuring clearances to other things.


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