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on mk1s isnt the centre spun as part of the outer lip? 


ie you cant just split them and make a new lip, you need to make/buy a whole new centre with wide outer.


 yeah this is correct they face and lip is 1 piece, they are the only ssr wheel you cant widen withs a shitload of hassle.


yeah i saw that hks crank on there yummmmmmy! tarran you should but it for a 1g and make a 300hp 1gge ;)

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to be honest fuckall has being going on/ spending too much money blowing turbos on my mark. 


just collecting parts for the single turbo conversion a garrett to4e, tial wastegate and whatnot hks bov. ill do an update when i have enough to talk about. need to find a new job to earn more moneys only have like $100 a week spending monies :/ 


on the hunt for 7mgte injectors. 


theres also this that i want alot! but have no money, can get ride of the dizzy and go to coils 



it will get there one day :/

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